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Your Pet’s First Massage Session

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Your Pet’s First Massage Session, What to Expect…

Pet owners often ask me what they should expect during their pet’s first massage session; where to set-up, what I need, etc. Although each session is unique, I will run through some key points for your pet’s first massage session.

First, the most important part of my business is that I am mobile and the massage takes place in your home. This is key because this offers your dog the most comfortable, relaxing, and beneficial massage session possible. Another important part of how I have my massage sessions set-up is that, unlike some massage therapist I do not charge by the hour, a session is a session, no matter how long or short it may be. I let the pet determine how long our session needs to be, after all these sessions are about them!

Once I arrive at your home, I will greet you and your dog and take a few minutes to get to know both of you. I like to do this while sitting in your normal sitting area. This gives your pet time to adjust to me being in their home, they can sniff me and become relaxed with me being in their space. Once your pet has calmed down and started to relax back into their normal state, I will begin the session with your pet. I like to note, that I do not rush this introduction period, it is important that your pet is relaxed and comfortable with me and for some dogs this can take a few moments. I hope to see your pet for multiple sessions, so making sure your pet is relaxed with me is key to building a great relationship! Once a pet meets me and understands why I am there this “reintroduction phase” of the session will become shorter. In fact, many of my regular massage patients go right to our “session spot” to begin their massage the second I walk in the door!

I like to perform your pet’s massage in their normal napping/relaxing area of the home. This can be on their dog bed in the living, while you watch T.V or even sitting on the couch with you! I want to disrupt your and your pet’s routine as little as possible, so I can work just about anywhere.

During your pet’s massage session, I like to keep a water bowl nearby. Bodywork can increase your pet’s need to drink and I want them to have free access to their bowl. I always allow your pet to get up and move around, if needed during our session. Many times they will feel the need to stretch, get a drink of water, or to take a “potty” break. These are all normal reactions to getting a massage and shows we are getting the body flowing. Believe it or not, I have never had a pet get up from a session and not return to me within a short period of time. Many will even layback down right where we left off! Dogs are so smart and most figure out this massage thing very fast!

Because I come into your and your pet’s home, it is important to me that we take the time to get to know each other. It is essential to a great massage session that your pet is relaxed and calm. I do not rush during my time with your dog and I think this sets me apart from many other professionals that come into contact with your pet.  My goal with each massage is to have your pet feeling more comfortable, relaxed, and at ease, then before I started.

By: Savannah Cheek, RVT, EM/MT, CCMT of Savi Pet Massage, LLC



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