Why We Do Not Job Share When Pet Sitting

We often get requests from clients asking to book us for care of their dogs, cats and other pets when they have friends, family, neighbors, or kids covering some of the visits. Unfortunately, due to liability issues we are unable to job share when pet sitting with anyone other than a pet sitter contracted with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care. When under our care, we let clients know if there is anything off or unusual with their pets or home. However, with job sharing when pet sitting, if there is a problem with a client’s home or their pets while they are away or upon their return, we do not want to be held liable for anything that may happen when their pet isn’t in our care.

Some Examples Of Why We Won’t Job Share While Pet Sitting

The above are only a few of the many possible examples where pet care can be compromised when job sharing when pet sitting or splitting visits with friends, neighbors, or family of clients. It is not that we are trying to make more money by asking a client to book all the visits with us, it is for the safety and security of our client’s pets and their home and to eliminate liability issues playing a game of he said, she said, that prohibits us from job sharing when caring for client’s pets. We have learned the hard way that this is a policy we must stick to.

Here are some examples of issues that arose in the past when we allowed job sharing while pet sitting (and why we no longer do).

These are just a few examples of what can happen when your pets and your home are left in the care of a nonprofessional and why we no longer job share when pet sitting.

Always keep in mind, your friend, family member or neighbor is doing you a favor, therefore your home and your pet is NOT their first priority! They are not experienced pet caregivers.

When it comes to Pet Care, we offer services and people you can trust.

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