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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care is in no way affiliated with the below companies. These are merely suggestions as to where you may find the tools you may need.

Dog Cots at  (get two, these are great for Place as well as Recall training)

Training Treat/Food Pouch at 

Long Lines (10′-30′) training lead for recall training at

Ruffwear Slack Line Leash (adjustable to hands free design) at

Standard Flat Leash 4′ at

Ruffwear Martingale Collars at 

Martingale Collars at

Heavy Duty Wire Foldable Crate w/divider at (be sure divider is included)

Ruff Maxx Plastic Crate at

Remote Collars…

ET 300 Mini Educator (1/2 mile range) at ecollartechnologies

ET 800 The Boss ( 1 mile range) at  ecollartechnologies

ET 302 Mini Educator – 2 dog system (1/2 mile range) at ecollartechnologies

ET 300 Mini Educator – 2 Transmitter system (1 dog) (1/2 mile range at ecollartechnologies

Ultra Baskerville Muzzles at  (be sure to read sizing instructions)

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