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Charley is a totally different dog! I didn’t think it would work, but it’s night and day! I like this Charley, I really do like this Charley that pays attention and minds. For two years he’s been my worst nightmare. I had really given up on him. Three weeks later he’s a pleasure to be with. You trained not only him but me so I would suggest anybody that has issues like this to contact Terie and I promise you she can correct the problem. – Dena & Steve Steele

When I met Alexis, her dog Penny had previously attacked another dog while out on a walk. Penny was even reactive towards the neighbor’s dog across the street even when it was inside the house! It’s like I got a new dog! Alexis Fillos (Penny’s parent)

Beethoven the Australian Shepherd talks about his DOG BOARDING experience at GOOD DOG! COACHING & PET CARE. Beethoven is a special needs pet. He is completely deaf but is beautifully trained with hand signals. He is a regular boarder at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care. Video submitted by his parents – Buffy & Chandler M.


Dog Training Testimonial: Thank you so much!! You are absolutely amazing. Our experience was life changing. – Amy & Alex Lazic (Luna’s parents)



I could not ask for a better cat sitter than Wendy. She is really wonderful with my furry babies. I love the photos Wendy sends. They really show my babies happy and engaged. By far the best cat sitter we have ever had the privilege to care for our furry babies. 11 out of 10!- Lilia Gomez-Lanier 


Mary did a FANTASTIC job sending adorable pictures and videos of each of our pets! Mary’s notes were extremely thorough and very detailed. Our family is beyond impressed with the services provided by your company! The cost of the drop in visits, especially over holiday periods, was very affordable. – Kathleen Lockhart


Our fur babies Love Michael. He always leaves us notes that we enjoy reading. We look forward to the days he comes and take them for a walk. We appreciated the photos and it let us know that our fur babies were happy. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly.  We LOVE, Love , Love the notes. – Belinda Harris

I’m not really very good at writing reviews but I feel like Terie definitely deserves for me to let people know of my experience with her board and train. We have 2 dogs that we adopted that are both high energy, reactive, stubborn and sweet dogs. To say we had lost control would be accurate. Honestly, we had it all wrong from the get go. We were those parents that baby talked, lavished them with affection, thought that they weren’t “happy” if they weren’t running through the yard and house like wild animals, let them jump up on the furniture anytime and it was just total chaos at night trying to relax watching tv or heaven forbid eat dinner in peace. We had purchased about 5 baby gates to keep them out of the kitchen and to restrict access to any doors that led to the outside because they would attempt to dart out if given any opportunity. I was at my wits end and was about to have knee replacement and I was terrified of my 55 lb dog leaping onto to me while I was sitting on the couch. Something had to give. We loved our dogs so really there was only one choice. I knew that we were a HUGE part of the problem. We have had tons of dogs but never dogs this big so it was easier to ignore their behavior. I had worked with Terie years ago and I knew she loved what she did and she was very good at it.

We sent both dogs to her for the 4 week board and train and WOW what a difference!! We now have peace in the house and are actually enjoying them instead of being frustrated and stressed all the time. It does require work on the owners part but its fun work. Its nice to see the dogs respond to us. They no longer look at us like “what are you going to do about it??” They know we mean business. Its now been a couple of weeks since we got them both back and I am so happy we did it.
THANK YOU Terie and your team for all your hard work and patience with Bailey and Gomer. They are happier and so are we!! – Lisa Mason

I have a four year old American Staffordshire Terrier named Brody. He is the sweetest and most playful boy but gets very easily overexcited. His daycare recommended Good Dog! Coaching following an incident where his overexcitement had gotten him in trouble. I did some research and made the call and ever since I first spoke to Terie, I knew this would be a great decision. I opted for the 4-Week Board and Train program. It fast tracked my dog’s training and to be honest the results are insane! Brody is a lot calmer now. He has learned to be a chill observer of his surroundings as opposed to a reactive overstimulated one. He listens now and is able to hold commands. He doesn’t jump on people anymore. He doesn’t pull on the leash or chase squirrels on walks. Our daily walks are absolutely PERFECT now. The tools and information that I have received to continue his training and daily improvement have helped me so much. I finally feel fully in control of my dog and I feel like we have a better connection with each other now. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was definitely wrong! 🙂 – McHenry Moseley


Well.. I can’t say enough about how awesome and amazing this dog training is and how it changed the life of my beautiful girl and her family. Indie is a black lab “mix” we have no idea what she’s mixed with, but for sure she’s mixed with a rambunctious insane amount of positive energy. We knew she had potential… super smart… super hyper… super impulsive. We couldn’t walk her around other dogs… couldn’t get her to stop being insane around company.. yeah.. there were a lot of tears from her owner. We boarded her because we knew we couldn’t possibly take her ANYWHERE. We couldn’t take her to a park.. festival.. dog park.. (which they don’t recommend).. restaurant. She was ridiculous to say the least. Now.. the sky is the limit. Anything.. anywhere.. anyone.. we want to be around… she can handle it. She “places” until I say “break” (best command EVER) which really helps with coming home from a long day of teaching.. she “heals”… she “COMES” every single time…every time… every TIME! I can’t tell you how much I 100% RECOMMEND THIS TRAINING. 100% changed our lives in the best way. I LOVE MY DOG and it was truly questionable for while. She even made the husband a “believer”.. you know how skeptical they can be at times. No.. Terie.. she’s the real deal… she’s amazing… she deserves every bit of the praise and recognition that we can possibly give her. My one piece of advice. Just TRUST her. You may question from the very beginning… just TRUST HER. SHE KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING! 100% SATISIFIED. WELL WORTH THE $$. DO IT NOW! Do not hesitate. Changed our life in such a positive way. – Lesa Prichard


Terie Hansen is excellent. My lab is now 22 weeks old. Terie trained me and now my puppy is a miracle. Takes a lot of work, consistency and work. She’s 85lbs of badass! She’ll come to you , she’ll take and train in house and she boards!! I just can’t say enough! Look her up. #1 Dog trainer in Gwinnett County for years! –Dale Karr


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dog training review testimony

My dog Scout did a complete 360 with your help. He was leash aggressive/reactive, people reactive, noise reactive, dog reactive, the list goes on and on, but with Terie’s help I can finally enjoy dog training near me my dog again, I can walk him without fear of his strength and with the knowledge that he understands that I have control of the situation and that he can sit back, relax, and enjoy life as a dog should. Our next 90 days with him are crucial but we are ready and so is he! We know now that we can concur anything as a family and that includes him. Thank you so much for help, time, patience, and wisdom! You are the best ?? – Calli Gaston

Thinking of you tonight… As we were taking our dogs for a walk. Received several compliments on Maddie. She has finally turned a corner, she’s finally part of the pack. You would be proud of dog training success her.  Thank you for all of your hard work with us, and for coaching us to stick through it. Especially me:) You made all the difference! We are proud to walk the neighborhood with her. –Terri Grunduski & Family

Whoo hoo!!! That’s what I think of when I think Good Dog Coaching.

I somehow inherited a pit mix puppy a few months ago. At the ripe age of two months, everyone kept scaring me that pits have an dog boarding in lawrenceville aggressive temperament, and needed to be trained early.  My dear Penguin was far from aggressive.  Yes he is a rambunctious puppy, who loves EVERYONE, but def not aggressive.  Due to potty training and basic manners, I did call out to many trainers.  Unfortunately, there were one too many trainers out there that would not give Penguin a chance because he was a partial pit.  One of the training places gave me the information to Good Dog Coaching and let us know that she works with dogs of all breeds, and they were correct.

I called Terri, set up an interview, and our relationship flourished from there.  She brought a whole bunch of energy and positive reinforcement for my lil pup.  WOO HOO with every command he got right.  Each training session wasn’t a pre-outlined session, it was individualized on Penguin’s weekly behavior.  Correcting bad behavior and praising the good.  Needless to say, our pup is 7.5 months old, potty trained, crate trained, can sit, down, walk on a leash, and stay in place.  He is still a pup, so we are working on training him not to jump on people, but she gave us a great working foundation.  She trained us (BF and I) how to appropriately communicate with our pup to ensure the greatest outcome.  She taught us how to set him up for success.  She comes with a great knowledge base when it comes to training, and just flat out loving your fur-baby.  She provided nutritional advice.  Natural flea/tick remedy advice, etc etc.  Overall, Good Dog Coaching is the way to go!!!

This company also provides other services which are worth checking out.  I personally utilized the private dog boarding service.  This is the same concept as bringing your child to grandma’s house, so she can watch him/her for the weekend.  You go for an initial interview to the home of the sitter.  If all works out, you can board your fur-baby at their HOME.  So this is a little more intimate then those indoor-outdoor camps.  They are watched closely, treated like family, and well taken care of.  Another good part about this is that there can only be so many fur-babies at once, so prevents overcrowding. A tad on the pricey side, but would def do it again.

For any training, boarding, pet-sitting, private boarding, your own in-home boarding…. I mean they have it all, just check out their website and browse through the services.  I’m pretty sure if you are a mama in need of some fur-baby help, there is something this company has to offer.  Enjoy!! – Mijung Han


Jana did a great job with my 2 babies. Even Ziva (she is a real mama’s girl) warmed up by day 2 and played fetch with her. I was not expecting the detailed report card left by my sitter so, when I read it, that was an awesome thing to be given. Loved all the pictures. This service was just what I was looking for! – Rhonda Finkle


Just wanted to let you know that Jack did an excellent job taking care of our fur babies last week! Everyone was very content and happy when we got home. Thank you so much!!! – Michelle Stancilpet sitting Cocoa the dogpet sitting parkspet sitting Maggie





Sharel Mitchell recommends Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care, LLC: “Terie is knowledgeable, patient, and absolutely phenomenal! My little fur baby, Shiloh, is a wild child, but already in two sessions I am learning the skills necessary to train her to be an obedient pup with manners. Thanks, Terie … we look forward to future sessions with you!!! You are the best!”

I just wanted to let you know just how happy I am with Calli’s pet sitter in tucker testimonialpet sitter in tucker testimonialexcellent service and care with our pups! We look forward to booking with her again in October!! And much thanks to you too Terie for helping us have such a stress free Labor Day weekend getaway! You and your team rock!

Have a great day! –Daisy Rodriquez

Jordan is doing a fantastic job!!!!!

Charley gets so excited to see him.  Jordan is very patient with Charley and pet sitter in Stone Mountain, Gamakes him behave like he should. Also, I don’t have an issue with the date change at all.

Thank you so much for working with us!

Dena Steele

pet sitter in Stone Mountain, gadog walker in Stone Mountain, Ga


Morgan did a great job taking care of Lula.  The security system toldPet sitter in lilburn with lula us when she was there, and it was obvious that Lula was glad to see her.

We were impressed with how prompt she was right on schedule every day.

Thank you for the help from Good Dog!.  We could not have gone on vacation without you.

Nancy C.


Just had to brag for a moment and say thank you again!

I just got dog trainer snellvilleback from taking Max to the vet- he was due for vaccine and I scheduled a nail trim too. He was so calm on the ride there, sat before we walked in and sat in the waiting room like a “big boy”! They could not get over how calm he was and how well he behaved! I know we still have “Boxer energy moments” but I was so proud of him and wanted to share!

Also, Caesar was at home crated, taking a good nap- his crate was dog trainer suwaneecovered so he didn’t even notice we were gone briefly.


Thanks again! Next time, I’m taking your business card with me to the vet!

Have a great weekend!

Susan Jordan


great dane with dog walker

Abbie was great! It is such peace of mind to have a great company and great people take care of your pets while yougreat danes pet sitter lawrenceville are away.

It was nice to know we didn’t have to worry at all while we were gone. Abbie did a great job documenting the day to day events of our two Great Danes. Abbie sent photos several times a day. She takes great photos! We look forward to a lot more pet care. Thank you, Robert.

Robert G.

Marlaine (and all the pet sitters I’ve had with Good Dog!) always leave excellent notes each day of their visits. Enjoyed the pictures from Marlaine, especially the one showing how one of my “kids” learned how to open the treat jar that was up on the counter!

I had to extend my stay for an additional week and had no problem continuing the pet sitting service.

Donna F.

My overall experience with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care pet sitter testimonial grayson testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingwas Wonderful!

We called at the last minute during the holidays and Gwynne was great! We didn’t worry about the dogs a bit–such peace pet sitter bio lilburn testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingof mind!  I couldn’t believe the daily reports!! Pictures every day!

I found their services to be reliable, professional, flexible, caring and a good value for the money spent.

Gloria L.

My husband was impressed with everything…

and that was a relief to me. He’s very picky about having anyone coming into our home. Our sitter left a very detailed report for us. We really enjoyed hearing about what the cats did or didn’t do while we were away.

Dana W.

I love Good Dog!

Not only do they take wonderful care of my 9 pups daily, but they always inform me if something is off at my house, ex: car in the driveway, water leak I had (which saved me $$$ on a water bill because I was able to call a plumber to repair a gushing water leak). My pet sitters are an extended part of our family and we adore them and Good Dog for all of their efforts and professionalism!

I recommend Good Dog to all my friends and family!

Jennifer P.

I would use Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care again in a heartbeat!

As I’ve moved out further and further away from the city of Atlanta it had become so difficult to find a cat sitter testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingpet sitting service who is reliable and cares about your pet. I switched to Good Dog! after an exhaustive search for a new pet sitting service after my previous one didn’t care for my cat as well as they had in the past.

I thought that my pet sitter was very communicative and reliable. When I came back home, the apartment was in good condition and my kitty Sky was healthy and well taken care of. While I absolutely love Good Dog!, this was the most that I’ve spent per visit for pet care. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes you have to spend a little more to get a better result.

When there was a location conflict with the original pet sitter who was going to look after my kitty, she not only called me to tell me about it but also came along during the meet and greet with the pet sitter who ended up looking after my cat. Plus, Good Dog! was the only company that I was able to find that was who able to offer services in the Tucker area.

It was all very professional, yet personable from scheduling the service via Shelly to having Kim take care of my kitty.

The kitty report card was the best part of the pet sitting experience. In the past, I’ve used another pet sitting service and they NEVER provided anything as detailed. This was extremely helpful to also gauge my cat’s health since there was a vet emergency that came up right before I went out of the country. These reports helped ensure that my cat was maintaining her weight and eating well. I got playtime photos of my kitty while I was away, which was great to see her being happy and playful. Very comforting.

This first time experience with Good Dog! was well worth the searching to find the needle in the haystack. I would (and plan to) definitely use them again.

Teni H.

More testimonials…

We have been afraid to take even 2-3 day trips because we want our animals (family) taken care of. At first my wife was not happy about leaving her pets at home during our vacation. Katie, made her feel dogs cats pet sitter testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingat ease, came to our home for a visit before we left, took information we never thought of. We received several photos of each of our 4 pets each day we were gone.  Katie took great pictures (our pets looked so happy) and sent us text messages, even took the time to text my wife a couple extra times to make her at ease. Hire 10 more people like Katie!!! Katie, even grabbed our mail and took the trash on trash day. WOW!   We stayed an extra day and were very accommodated!

We compared this service to our vet.

The vet prices were double and they stayed in cages most of the day. With Good Dog, our animals had their normal home to play in and go out in. We will use your services again and will be more comfortable in the future to go out and have fun and I will tell everyone I know to use you as well!

Don A.

testimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitter lilburn

Super job with Harlan and Halley!

The pictures and videos were great, along with the texts I knew exactly what was going on. They were so cute, loved the movies showing them playing with the other dogs. I was extremely pleased with the overall value and will be booking more services soon.

Janet B.

Keena’s great care of Martie gives me peace of mind while my husband and I are both working.

The photos made me smile on very busy days at work. Thanks, Keena, for sending the photos. I really appreciate knowing how Martie’s day is going.

Cindy D.


All 3 cats, even Jasper, our skittish one, did not run and hide when Gwynne came. They greeted her. I like to hear these details and makes me feel good that they are getting more comfortable with her, as we don’t go away very often. Everything went well and the cats enjoyed her being in their own home.

Our recent trip was close to a last minute one and Shelly was wonderful scheduling Gwynne.

Very appreciative and grateful.

Heidi M.


Sam will be very excited to see Gwynne as he told me that he loves her as well as testimonials for pet sitting and dog training dog walker favorite boston terrier samKeena!  My favorite part of Tuesdays & Thursdays is coming home to their notes – I often laugh out loud at Keena’s, and Gwynne’s are the sweetest ever!  I can tell they both adore Sam, and the feeling is mutual.  He gets so excited in the mornings when I tell him that “It’s Keena (or Gwynne) Day!!”

Thanks again, and also thanks for providing such a great service with outstanding people!

Betsy H.

More testimonials…

Thank you once again Good Dog! for taking such excellent care of my 4-legged kids while I was out of town for Thanksgiving! Marlaine, thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Gibson & Margarita! I know they tended to hide under beds, but the reports you left let me know how great a job you did! Margarita does love to chase her treats! The value is excellent for all the you do while watching my pets. I know I leave my “kids” in good hands anytime I use Good Dog! You all are the only pet sitting service I will ever use! You are all the best!

Donna F.


Jessica you did such an AWESOME job….dogs were so happy to have you spend time with them….house looked like no one stayed there. you cleaned up great…..Thanks so much…..I will use you again!testimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitting client testimonial

Betsy C.

testimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitter photo from jessicatestimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitting photo from pet sitter Jessicatestimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitting photo from Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care pet sitter Jessica







Thank you so much for taking care of our little special needs doggie.

He was pooped for a couple days, but has sprung back into action. We cannot thank ytestimonials for pet sitting and dog training Jackson Horton at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Careou enough for all your help with Jackson. He is perhaps the most unique of all dogs I have ever owned and he is so smart (and fast), but his disproportionate fear of people and animals, though slightly ameliorated over the past two years, makes us so sad for him. We are still trying to inculcate your wisdom in his handling and teaching. Seeing him interact with other dogs at your house nearly brought us to tears and we are so grateful to you for that. I have noticed a bit more concentration and better command behavior. We so appreciate your talent and love for Jackson – (He does, too!)

Russ & Rosie H.

GT testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingI recently used Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care because my regular pet sitting lady was unable to due to a death in the family. I know Terie and decided to give them a try.

I am EXTREMELY picky about who I let take care of my boy and stay in my house as well.

I had to fill out alot of paperwork since they try to cover all the bases and then Terie and the sitter came to meet me and GT and go over all my requirements. They are very thorough and I was at ease while gone. I checked in a few times with the sitter and everything was going good. I would definitely recommend Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care and plan on using again in the future if the need arises. Thanks for taking such good care of my boy!

Lori F.

testimonials for pet sitting and dog training pet sitter with cat in duluth, gaAbbie is super!

We were delighted with her pet sitting–everything was perfect and she even spotted our cats.  I think she’s a natural.  We really appreciated the superior quality of the care–when I met with Abbie before her assignment, I felt quite at ease that things would work out and they did. We will be out of town again soon,  I’m sure all your sitters are excellent, but we would love to have Abbie again if possible, so that our cats can really get used to her. Thanks again for providing a really superior pet sitting service.

Julie B.

I want to thank you all again for the excellent pet sitting you did for my cats while I was out of town on vacation last week.  I want to compliment Marlaine and the wonderful job she did  while watching my two “4-legged children” – Gibson & Margarita!  She left very detailed notes each day about all she did for my “kids” and it was very much appreciated.  Thanks again for the excellent job you all do at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care!

Donna F.

I’m very grateful to Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care for helping me turn a smelly, cantankerous, poorly-socialized dog into a well-behaved, much-loved member of our family!

testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingGood Dog! Coaching and Pet Care has helped us so much with our dog Huey, who we rescued from Hurricane Katrina when we were in Louisiana. We don’t know Huey’s background, but were having problems with her attacking anyone who walked into the house that she did not know. Huey was also terrible with other dogs (she bit the ear off of my mother’s dog and we had to rush the dog to the vet). We were afraid that Huey was beyond training, but thanks to Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care,

Huey is now trained to sit and stay calm while people (that we invite over) enter our home.

We have learned strategies that not only make us and our guests feel comfortable, but also show Huey that we are in control of the situation and we can have her out in the room with us now instead of being crated when guests are over. We are still working on her social skills with other dogs, but now, thanks to our training sessions,

Huey can walk past other dogs without going crazy.

It has made my daily walks with her a treat instead of a nightmare. Also, we have relied on Good Dog! for their Pet Care services on nights when work requires that we have to stay very late. Not only do they come in and feed her, they go above and beyond, by playing with her, taking her for a walk, and leaving a note to let us know how everything went while we were away! We always get helpful tips, too. Huey used to smell like a bag of Doritos, despite frequent baths. I spoke with Huey’s trainer and she gave me suggestions about her feedings and diet and she is no longer smelly!

I’m very grateful to Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care for helping me turn a smelly, cantankerous, poorly-socialized dog into a well-behaved, much-loved member of our family!

The Martin Brown Family


testimonials for pet sitting and dog training Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care pet sitting services in gwinnetttestimonials for pet sitting and dog training cat sitter in lawrenceville, ga






We were very pleased with how Keena handled our “family” while we were out of town.  You can be sure we will call on you all again and will recommend you highly to our friends and anyone else who asks.

Ken W.

testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingI was so delighted to meet Terie. I love her spirit! My boys love Auntie Terie! Wow! I could not ask for better service, amazing! I will recommend Terie to everyone I come in contact with. It is very hard to find people passionate about what they do.

Charleen L


testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingGood Dog! Coaching & Pet Care  is so great with our two dogs and two cats. They leave us report cards each time, that I Love! They are fantastic.

I highly recommend Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care to take care and train you animals.


They’re great and really know their stuff.

Carrie G.


testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingMy overall experience with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care was excellent. The dogs were super excited and seems they had a blast with you. Thank you.

Peter V.


The difference is amazing!

testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingWe have used Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care for both training and pet sitting. The difference is amazing ! We can walk the dogs with confidence, they are less hyper and even allow guests to enter with ease! Can’t believe how much difference a few training sessions made. Our doggies love having you visit with them!! We are so comfortable knowing our girls are                  receiving the best care when we are away.

DeNita M.

testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingI am very grateful to have had Terie as an instructor for Max and I. I’m looking forward to having Max enrolled in a more advanced class. Can’t thank you enough. Your services were exactly what we needed!

Andrew D.


testimonials for pet sitting and dog trainingTerie you were great! Jneiro loved you! You are very professional. Excellent service, excellent value. We will always use you for dog training.

Andrea & Tony R.


testimonialsGood Dog!’s prices are very fair especially for the high level of service provided. I am very pleased with the company’s flexibility and attention to detail. Very thorough and professional.

Kenya N.


testimonialsIt was great not to worry about Toby while we were out of town!

Marti A.


I am so pleased with the results and training Sheba received.

testimonialsWhen I first called Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care, Sheba was a bit much to handle. Now she is a very obedient, sweet and loving dog! I consulted a few trainers before calling Good Dog! and their prices, by far were the best I found. Thanks a million!

Kimberly L.

testimonials Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care takes care of my 3 cats when I am away. They are totally trustworthy and reliable. My cats love them! Very reasonable rates and worth every penny to know my pets are well cared for! In the past my cats were initially mad at me when I came home from a trip. After using Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care they are happy, it may be they like Good Dog more than me!

Janet L.


Hiring Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care was an awesome experience. Professional and trustworthy-you rock!

Paula V.



Terie was great. So patient and generous with her time and expertise. The housebreaking alone was worth the cost of the training. Terie is very gifted and intuitive with dogs. I would recommend her to anyone requiring dog training services.

Nancy K.


Awesome experience. It’s obvious you love what you do. Terie you are awesome. You taught me so much valuable information. I feel more like the pack leader which is essential with 5 dogs.

Lisa M.


pet sitter loganville, pet sitting loganville testimonialsTerie was so patient with us! How can you put a price on the tools and resources provided?! Terie helped us transform our scared stray into a wonderful companion. She taught us to be the capable owners our Guinness needed.

Pricilla R.

pet sitting sugar hill, pet sitter sugar hill testimonialsWonderful with our cats.

Scheduled a pre-pet sitting visit to find out how we managed meals & care. Excellent experience and value.

Gerard R.


Terie is receptive and knowledgeable about dogs and humans! She not only listened to and helped us accomplish our goals, but was a consistent encouragement throughout the process even now! Excellent value, unmatched! Terie is generous with her time , gentle, yet firm in her delivery and made us want to be better dog parents. Terie we cannot thank you enough for helping us discover the true abilities our Lucy has. She was a wild attention seeking Jack Russell Terrier who is now comfortable on her own and a little mellowed-being a Jack, she will never be totally calm but she is much more enjoyable now. Without your support and guidance she would likely still be trying to assert her dominance over us and Toby. Now that she knows who is in charge she no longer needs to be the center or all activities in our home!

Michelle & Ryan B.


pet sitters lilburn, pet sittings lilburnThe cats didn’t even know we were gone!

Excellent job! Couldn’t ask for better value. When we walked in the house the cats didn’t even greet us because they had already gotten so much love & attention!

Sara H.


Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care is great to work with and very capable of making a difference – and they did!

Janet & Frankie T.


My training provided a clear focus to establish my role as the leader for my dog.  Thanks, Terie!

Lisa H.


It meant so much to know that you were here to give my cat her medicine on time, feed, water and see if she was doing okay while I was away.

Brenda A.


Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care took good care of my pooch and really made him feel at home.  Great job!  He had a great time.

Theresa H.


Your true concern for my pets and their well being gives me the greatest peace of mind.

Meg S.


I have had a great experience every time I have left my dog with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care.  Guinness loves his time with them.  As a pet owner, I enjoy the updates and pictures that I receive.  I know my dog is in good hands when I leave him.

Cathy S.


I came home to a happy dog!

The cost was reasonable and well worth the peace of mind.  I was pleased knowing my dog was cared for.  We just needed a quick midday potty break, but Good Dog! went the extra mile by playing with her.  My dog is strong and stubborn and we don’t just trust her with anyone, but we knew their sitters could handle her!

Erin C.


Thank you, Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care!  You went above and beyond.  Primo loved you and you made my time away more enjoyable knowing he was taken care of.  Thanks again!

Dawn L.


We have a large family and you were excellent at training us all! My dog is benefitting greatly from “our” training.  You are the best!

Jenny R.


We would recommend this service to any prospective client.

They are very professional and reasonable.  Good Dog! took a real interest and excellent care of our 5 cats.

Keefer Family


Awesome!  Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care took all the important information to be sure the dogs were taken care of properly.  Great Job! We will use again when the need arises.

Star & Michael G.


Very Professional!  Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care did a great job making sure all medications were given to our animals properly.

Gloria F.


Old dogs can learn new tricks.  I am a believer now!

Mary Lou M.


Terie was wonderful.  She had an answer to every issue we had.  She was very patient and more than willing to spend a little extra time with us to answer all of our questions.

Rachel L.


Terie is a wonderful trainer!  She has a special gift in being able to get dogs to do what she needs them to do.  She is so pleasant and fun to work with!

Patricia R.


Thank you for the excellent care!

Rhonda S.


Thrilled with the personal service.  My dogs really learned so much!

Susan Y.


We get plenty of comments on how well behaved Murphy is when we walk him.  Thanks!

Michelle & Mark E.


Thank you for traveling and all of the great lessons.  Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care is good for their price and a lot of bang for your buck.

Miles B.


Good Dog! provided excellent one on one care.  Perfect for our attention seeking puppy.  Grace was so worn out when we brought her home that we knew she must have had a busy time!  We will definitely come over to play with Cole again!

Jason T.


Terie is flexible, dependable and goes above and beyond.  Her connection to animals is amazing.  The price may seem expensive at first but Terie gave more in time & quality than the contract stated.  She took our dog to her home and worked intensely so I did not have to surrender our 2 senior dogs who had developed aggressive behaviors.

Ann & Johnny M.


Bay loves staying with you and the personal attention.

In fact, he seems to like it even better than home!  We really appreciate all of the care and attention you give.  We will refer you whenever we can.

Buffy M.


Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care is my only choice for pet care.  They care for my dogs as though they are their own.  I NEVER have to worry about the care, attention and love she receives when I am away.  I really enjoy the photos documenting the fun Pippa has when she is staying with you!  She loves playing with Cole and any other dogs who are there.  Very good for socializing.

Christy G.


Value?..Not having any concerns about my furry baby while I am away..Priceless! Boarding in a home environment also gives us the benefit of personal training 24/7.

Calvin & Amy C.


Terie made the training fun for both of us.

Brenda B.


The difference is amazing!  We can walk the dogs with confidence.  They are less hyper and even allow guests to enter with ease!  Can’t believe the difference with only a few sessions.

The McGuinn Family


Terie is a very positive person and a joy to work with.  She gives you all the tools to effectively train your dog using positive reinforcement.  It’s up to the owner to implement them!

Kathy S.


Terie is a very patient person.  It helped our relationship with Sierra and Orly immensely.  It is worth every penny!

Debbie B.


It was amazing to see the immediate relief that our dogs and household experienced.

Terie has a “spirit” that not only spoke to our dogs, but also spoke to our family dynamic.  Spending time with her has transformed our household.

Laura & Mark M.


Terie trained us (and our dogs got a lot out of it too)!  She took her time to get to know us and our animals.  We will highly recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent dog trainer.

Mark & Janet C.


We had such a great experience with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care that I don’t even know where to begin.  Jasmine responded immediately to Terie.  It was amazing to watch the transformation happen so quickly!  She was very thorough in not only teaching us the techniques that we needed, but she also explained why Jasmine had certain behaviors & what Jasmine was looking for from us.  Terie never rushed our appointments.  In fact, she was careful to make sure all our questions were answered and we were comfortable with each new technique.

We would highly recommend Good Dog! Coach & Pet Care to anyone looking for help with their dog.

Paula W.


Terie was so patient with us.  As new pet owners, we had a great deal to learn.  She helped us get control of ourselves and our pet.  Having the in home sessions were priceless!  My puppy learned in her own environment which made retaining information easier.  Terie is a true professional.  Following her instructions, while time consuming and hard at times, has really paid off.  Our puppy is truly a Good Dog!

Valencia & Jerry A.


Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care was very professional and I immediately felt comfortable leaving my boys in their care.  I have added them to my contact list and will definitely use them often.

Deidria D.


I am one of those pet owners who never feels that anyone can take care of my animals as well as I can.  Not anymore!  Even my special needs animal received so much TLC in my absence that when I came home he was happy and healthy!  My dogs loved Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care and I can now go away with my mind at ease.  Thank you!

Laurie B.


I could not have imagined a better result.

This was the best investment we have made in many years.  Terie was everything we needed and much more than expected.  Cannot recommend her enough!

Russ & Rosie H.


Good Dog! Training has been phenomenal!  My dog does what I need her to do when I need her to do it.  I have learned life long lessons that will help me teach my dog.  The knowledge that is gained through this program will always be with me  There is no price for that!  I truly enjoyed working with Terie.  She was able to teach me lessons to help with my dog based on specific problems we were having.  Now my dog is so well behaved!

Melissa G.


Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care was professional all the way.  We were completely comfortable having them watch out for our poodle and look forward to a long term relationship.

The Crouse Family


Our experience was phenomenal.

Terie was so warm and immediately made not only us humans feel comfortable but our dogs as well.  Now that we can walk our dog with a leash, knowing her life span has probably increased, is worth so much more than any amount of money.  Thank you for your expertise and your warmth.  You have given our family a whole new life with Cali.  We now take her hiking with us and she loves her leash!

Bo & Raylene C.


My dogs were very happy and unstressed when I returned.  By their body language I knew they had fun while I was gone.

Mike A.


I am very grateful to have had Terie as mine and Max’s instructor.  I am looking forward to having Max enrolled in a more advanced class.

Drew D.


We weren’t sure how well a 10 year old dog would adapt to or even be willing to change/modify her behavior. We were pleasantly surprised.  It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but after seeing the results, it was money well spent.  Terie was awesome and showed great patience in working with our dog and cat.

Tracey A. & Kim L.


Buddy was so happy to spend time with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care.

He was well cared for and Terie’s training is awesome.  For the time spent, it was a great value both for training and boarding.  I have enjoyed working with her and seeing Buddy respond to her.  It was a pleasure to have her in my home as well as watching her work with Buddy.

Dianne J.


The doggies love having you visit with them! We are so comfortable knowing our girls are receiving the best care when we are away.

The McGuinn Family


Very conscientious and caring – you did an awesome job!

The Cox Family