Dog Training Videos and Tips, How To Tutorials

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#15 Implementing the Feeding Routine
#14 Motivating Your Dog Through Food Training
#13 How to Fit a Prong Collar Properly
#12 Saying “NO” to Your Dog Is Not Abuse
#11 Want to See a Change In Your Dog?
#10 Implementing the Place Command
#9 Is My Dog Being Playful Or Aggressive?
#8 Immunization vs Socialization
#7 How to Help Your Fearful Anxious Dog Move Forward
#6 Enrichment At Feeding Time
#5 What’s The Most Important Command?
#4 Choosing the Right Dog & More On The Bonker
#3 Potty Training & Stopping Jumping
#2 Potty Training & Getting Your Pup To Go Potty In The Rain
#1 The 3 Main Components of Potty Training & Why Potty Pads are A NO NO

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