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Charley is a totally different dog! I didn’t think it would work, but it’s night and day! I like this Charley, I really do like this Charley that pays attention and minds. For two years he’s been my worst nightmare. I had really given up on him. Three weeks later he’s a pleasure to be with. You trained not only him but me so I would suggest anybody that has issues like this to contact Terie and I promise you she can correct the problem. – Dena & Steve Steele


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I owe a LOT to Terie and her coaching! Thanks to her help and training, I have two “high energy Boxer pups” that can manage to show some manners and calm! I know we have to keep up the practice and patience but cannot say “thank you” enough for her support and encouragement! -Susan Jordan Dog Training Videos


I highly recommend Terie and her company! She truly knows how Dog Training Videos and Dog Trainer in Suwaneeto train both the owner and the dog; working through all the problems with excellent results. Her love of her work, dogs and people shines through everything. She’s the best! – Lynda McGregor


Terie is amazing! I was so worried that my dog would need prozac for sound anxiety, but within an hour we had her out walking again. It was a miracle! – Beth Remmes

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I can’t say enough good things about Terie and Good Dog. She is doing a great job helping us train our German Shepherd, Baylee. She has also watched her when we were out of town. She sent pictures and videos and helped us feel comfortable about leaving our new puppy! She makes pet training fun!!! – Jill Bullard

Great coaching for dogs and their humans. It’s practical, it’s real and it works! – Susan Yarbrough

Duke is enjoying his training! Two weeks ago he was afraid of his “Place”. He’s also a stubborn guy! Look at him now! Thanks Terie Hansen! -Lynda McGregor  View video here

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#14 Motivating Your Dog Through Food Training

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#11 Want to See a Change In Your Dog?

#10 Implementing the Place Command

#9 Is My Dog Being Playful Or Aggressive?

#8 Immunization vs Socialization

#7 How to Help Your Fearful Anxious Dog Move Forward

#6 Enrichment At Feeding Time

#5 What’s The Most Important Command?

#4 Choosing the Right Dog & More On The Bonker

#3 Potty Training & Stopping Jumping

#2 Potty Training & Getting Your Pup To Go Potty In The Rain

#1 The 3 Main Components of Potty Training & Why Potty Pads are A NO NO


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