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We have excellent people and pet sitting skills that allow us to connect quickly, even at first meeting with your pet. We believe in positive reinforcement, and calm assertive energy. We have had excellent results with all clients to date. We are more than pet trainers or pet sitters, we are professionals and we LOVE what we do. We find training and caring for your pets and pet sitting exciting and rewarding.

In regards to Dog Training our team believes that every problem has a solution and each dog we train with allows us to hone our problem solving skills even more. Understanding that no two dogs are alike, we personalize our programs for every client and every pet. There’s nothing like the instant gratification that comes along with bringing people and their pets closer together… and we love it !! We are a proud member of NAPPS –National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and APDT- Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Additionally we are proud to have been awarded “BEST OF GWINNETT”. Give us a call us today !

It All Started With A Dog…

It All Started With A Dog…

Hi, I’m Terie Hansen the owner and operator of Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care. Although I’ve owned and cared for animals all my life it wasn’t until September 2008 that my life took…

An unexpected turn.

For years my daughter has also had every pet under the sun but was always in want of a dog. For years we told her “no” because of the huge commitment and responsibility it entailed. Feeling she wasn’t yet old enough to take it on but also that as a family we were not ready and frankly I thought we never would be given our hectic work and family schedule.

In an effort to appease her need to be around dogs as well as a want for things money required, I suggested she start a neighborhood pet sitting business. And so in 2006 See Spot Walk was born. Of course her being only 11 years old every time she received a call from a client either myself or my husband would accompany her on “the job”.

We encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit by helping her create and distribute pet sitting flyers throughout our neighborhood. As she was now able to play with & care for other people’s dogs I thought it would satisfy her. She continued for a couple of years as did her requests for her own dog. Go figure.

It All Started With a Dog

On that fateful day of September 29, 2008 we volunteered to walk dogs at the about usGeorgia SPCA. What a great opportunity to do something good as well as again give my daughter a chance to interact with more dogs! When we entered the kennel area the room exploded with dogs barking. Of course they knew exactly why we were there. They barked excitedly and bounced around in their kennels seemingly saying “pick me, pick me!”

There was a particular puppy with grey and white markings lying down in her kennel quiet as could be. Assuming she had already been walked we chose two other dogs to start. Two by two my daughter and I walked dogs over the course of four hours. Each time we would go back to retrieve two new dogs the little grey and white pup was quiet in her kennel. After four hours we decided she must need to go potty. So at last we decided to take her on a walk. That was the beginning of the end!

I Couldn’t Bear the Thought Of Leaving Her Behind

She was three months old with big grey eyes that matched her coat color and she was cute as could be. She walked nicely on the leash and I fell in love. I don’t know what came over me. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her behind. All thoughts of how we could manage caring for her, making time to walk her, etc.began swimming in my head and before I realized what I was saying I asked my daughter “Do you think we should keep her?” You would have thought I asked her if she would like a million dollars! And so it began.

They Become Our Family

Today myself and our pet sitters enjoy caring for other family’s pets (all over Gwinnett County) as if they were our own. We have the privilege of getting to know them and love them while their families may be away or working long hours. We enjoy a bond second only to the one they share with their owners. They become our extended family.

Training is especially close to my heart. Under the tutelage of two excellent dog trainers I learned the language of dogs and how to help their owners communicate with them in a positive way. Helping many families who may have otherwise given up their beloved dog sometimes simply because of a lack of manners.  I continue to hone my skills in dog training and dog psychology through continuing education.

It’s All About the Fun!

So if you have a pet that needs love and attention while you’re at work or on vacation, or you’d just like to enrich their lives with a play date. Call us! Pet sitting is what we love to do! Your pets will love us too because when we come to visit it’s all about “the fun!”

If you have a puppy or a dog that needs basic obedience, refresher on manners, has an issue that has become a bigger problem, or if he/she is just plain misbehaving-Call us! We love helping people and their dogs come to a better understanding of each other, gain a closer bond and live in harmony. And that is something we could all use a little more of! Who knows maybe your dog will teach you something.

Someone wise said-“You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need.”
Case in point-Our dog helped me to realize what I want to be when I grow up.

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