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Read our pet sitter bios to learn each pet care giver’s story of how and why they love being pet sitters. What makes them tick and of course why they are passionate about pets and more!



“Hi my name is Jaymie. I am currently a student at GGC perusing a bachelor’s degree in science of mathematics. I love animals because they’re always there for us! They deserve the best care even the little rambunctious ones. I have been working and volunteering in pet care for years. Interacting with any animal makes me happy but bunnies will always have a special place in my heart. Regardless of whether they have fur or scales I treat my pets, and other’s pets as family members who need just as much love and emotional care as they do physically.”



pet sitter snellville

Hi, My name is Allie! I am a sophomore in college hoping to get my bachelor’s degree in biology! I’m a huge animal lover!! I have played soccer for my whole life up until this year so I love to get outside and throw the tennis ball or kick the soccer ball with my sweet doggo! I’ve always grown up surrounded by so many pets which makes me want to pursue being a Vet! I have a dog of my own, Berkeley, and two other dogs in the house named Marvel and Jasper. I have 4 cats and a 7 yr old leopard gecko. I’ve volunteered for many shelters and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve also pet sat for a lot of family and friends when they’ve gone out of town. I couldn’t imagine my life not being surrounded by furry friends so, I can’t wait to meet you and your pet family!



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Abbie is one of our hardest working pet sitters. She’s been a part of the Good Dog family for over 6 years! When she began with us she had three pups.

Baby, Chica and Chloe. Well things have changed a bit since then. She only has Chloe now but she also has a son named Graham! She works a full time job as well as pet sitting with Good Dog. She is a super hero! 

Here’s her story… When I was a little girl, I lived in a rural area, far away from my classmates, so my dog, was literally my best friend. The bond I shared with my dog was immeasurable and I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with animals. I worked at the Atlanta Humane Society for a few years, and have experience with a variety of dogs and cats. When I’m not working as a project manager at a marketing firm in Atlanta, I’m mom to an active toddler and my sweet dog, Chloe.  I can assure you that I will treat your “babies” like they were my own, not only because I’m an animal lover, but because it’s how I want my “baby” treated while I’m away.  

JACK NELSON-PET SITTER/DOG WALKERpet sitter bio lawrenceville

Hi, my name is Jack Nelson. I’m currently in my junior year of online school with Berklee Online pursuing a degree in Music for Movies, TV, and Games. As I’ve grown up, I’ve rarely ever not had a pet in my house. I’ve had a Beagle named Bailey for seven years and a cat named Kimmie for three. I love them so much and through taking care of them along with my two previous cats, I’ve grown a love for pets and now feel I can easily grow a bond with almost any animal. This job grants me that opportunity and I absolutely can’t wait to meet you and your pets and take great care of them!




Currently a sophomore at Georgia Tech studying Nuclear and pet sitter lilburnRadiological Engineering. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life, and have had a natural affinity for all kinds of animals. I love spending time with my boxer, Angel, and my yellow lab, Daisy throwing a ball for them, taking them on walks, or just giving them attention. Pet sitting is awesome because I want to spend time with as many wonderful pets as I can. I’ll treat them just as well as I would like my pets to be treated since I know how important they are. Prior to Good Dog, I would pet sit for family, friends and neighbors. In my free time, I like to go camping, cook and play video games.

I truly enjoy the company of pets and I look forward to providing you peace of mind and the utmost in care for you and your four legged family members!


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WENDY SANTIAGO -PET SITTER/DOG WALKERpet sitter lilburn, gapet sitter lilburn, ga

Hi, I’m Wendy. I grew up with animals my whole life. I have a passion for pets of all sizes and species. I am excited to be able to help you by caring for your pets while you are away. Your babies will be cared for and loved just as if they were my own. I absolutely love and adore my pets Chicharito and Bella my Lab/Pit mixes, Jhonny a Long Haired Chihuahua, Tinkerbell a Calico cat, Crush and Lily, Yellow Bellied Slider turtles. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your pets. 




Welcome to Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care! Joni grew up in the Atlanta area and has been a resident for almost 45 years. Her love for dogs began after her parents moved the family from New Jersey to Chamblee in 1973. Her older brothers surprised her and her parents with a puppy – (a surprise Joni thought was amazing, even though her pet sitter flowery branch ga parents’ had a bit of a different reaction). ?. At the time, Joni needed a friend and “Duke” became her beloved pet throughout her growing up years. Since then, Joni has owned and cared for other dogs as family pets, as well as helping others with their animals whenever they have had a need for pet care. Joni has 3 children who have had the benefit of growing up with pets as well. Joni especially enjoys pet-sitting. She understands the importance of knowing your pet is given the best care while you are away from home, so you can relax and be worry-free. Her current beloved pet is Sophie, a chihuahua/terrier mix she brought home from a rescue. Besides caring for dogs, Joni has also enjoyed a career in real estate.



My name is Rachel and I am very excited at the opportunity to work with Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care because animals have always been a big part of my life.  I have worked as a pet sitter and walker with all pet sitter bios pet sitter in lawrencevillekinds of animals.  I spent several years on a farm taking care of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, pigs and chickens.  Pets are part of the family and should be treated with that in mind.  I currently have three dogs, a cat, fish, a lizard and a frog.  Though there are many animals in my life there is always room in my heart for more fur babies.  I look forward to taking care of your fur baby too.

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JANA BRANDELIK -PET SITTER/DOG WALKERpet sitter bios of dog walker Jana Brandelik with her dog

My name is Jana Brandelik,  I recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with my B.F.A in photography. I absolutely love animals and photographing them in my free time. I have four animals of my own that I absolutely love. Roxie, a Rottie-Beagle mix, Colby, a mutt, Spooky, a black cat, and Periwinkle, a Calico kitten. I joined the Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care family because it allows me to care for and play with animals. I look forward to caring for your pets and to taking some great photos of them for your pleasure!


Calli Gaston started out as a dog training student of Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care.  She has a large mix breed dog named Scout pet sitter bio calli gastonthat she needed some help training. Calli used her new training skills to teach Scout good manners and is now putting those skills to use while dog walking and pet sitting for Good Dog!

Originally from Stone mountain, Georgia Calli has a passion for animals. She is driven and passionate about what she does and gives everything 100%. She is currently in college and is studying psychology. She works two jobs, one as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, as well as this one:)


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Hi I’m Taylor and I am a pharmacy student at Mercer University. I love animals and I don’t remember pet sitter Taylor with her doga time in my life where there wasn’t a dog in my house. I’ve had a Jack Russell Terrier, and Collie, a Rottweiler, a German Shepherd, and the list goes on. I now have a Poodle mix named Tiki. There’s also Bennie & David:).

I love to take long walks to the cul de sac and play fetch lol! My dogs are my family and any dog that steps paw in this home is family as well so feel at ease and know that your best bud is in the best hands! Pet sitter bios. 



My husband and I have grown up with dogs all of our lives so we pet sittertreat all dogs as our own and have huge hearts for them! Someone is always home (myself or my husband). We will provide a couple of walks or runs a day and play time with the pups in our large backyard where they have plenty of room to roam.

We taught our dog commands like sit, shake, lie down, and stay so we are very patient with our fur babies. We have two very energetic kids who love to play with dogs and will keep your fur babies very active! We are available pretty much any day of the week unless we go out of town on vacation. 




Hi. My name is Kaya Forstall. I graduated from Elon University in 2011 with a degree in Psychology and have since been a Zookeeper working with everything from porcupines, parrots, and snakes to gorillas, rats, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. In addition to the zoo, I have experience pet sitting and dog walking. I have spent my career providing the best possible welfare for all the animals I work with and am excited to bring my animal care experience to the table for Good Dog’s pets.



Joni has lived in Suwanee, GA for 18 years.  She grew up in pet sitter bios Joni CooperWisconsin and has migrated to the warmer weather!  Joni grew up with dogs and cats, and that childhood love for animals has remained strong.  Joni has raised and trained large family dogs including German Shepherds and Weimaraners, and loves all ages and sizes!  She has fostered for the Georgia SPCA and has experience giving medications.  Currently she owns a cat named Dash.  She looks forward to meeting your furry family and welcoming them into her home!

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