Cat Sitting by Purrfect Cat Sitting

cat sitter with chloe the cat in suwanee, ga

Happier at home with loving, professional care

Our Cat Sitting motto 

“No outfit is complete without cat hair!” Yes we are crazy for cats!

Cat Sitting

by Purrfect Cat Sitting is a premier, in-home pet sitting service exclusively for cats. Our goal is to make your time away from home much easier not to mention your cat’s experience much more relaxed and enjoyable by providing an alternative to the added stresses of boarding or kenneling (or the worst, you not traveling at all because you are afraid to leave your cat!).  We believe that cats do better within the comfort of their own home and that is why our service is designed to give you the highest level of peace of mind by bringing the pet care experience directly to you and your feline family.

With Purrfect Cat Sitting there’s no more worrying about your precious cat contracting an illness due to contact or airborne viruses.

cat boarding at vet wouldn't cat sitting be better?

At the vet or kennel. Does this look fun to you? Are you kidding me??!

Think about it from your cat’s point of view…

The vet’s office: Loud and noisy. The smell of stress is in the air. Dogs are barking. The accommodations are a cold metal kennel and my litter box is right next to me. Worse yet I am eating right next to my litter box. I feel abandoned.

The kennel: I am made to adjust to other cats I don’t know. The smell of stress is in the air. Some cats want to fight me. I feel abandoned.

Sure, it may be cheaper but aren’t I worth a few extra bucks?

No matter how nice or state of the art the vet or boarding kennel is, it’s not home!

purrfect cat sitting in snellville, ga

Relaxed and happy at home

At home: I’m in my own home with my toys, food, my own bed and litter box. I am relaxed in my familiar surroundings. I can lay in my sunny spot. Not to mention my Purrfect Cat Sitter comes to me and makes me feel loved and cared for. I feel safe and right at home.


For as little as $27 a visit Our Premier Cat Sitting Service Includes:

  • All the love, attention and pampering your kitty cat deserves

    Purrfect Cat Sitting cat sitter playing with kitty Mojo

    Playtime for frisky kitties

  • Playtimes for frisky kitties, snuggletime or quiet time for elderly or shy kitties
  • Feeding coupled with fresh water daily
  • Litter box scooping and equally important accident clean up
  • Brushing if needed
  • Special needs cats are welcome-medication/injection administration or anything you need!
  • Home care services such as mail retrieval, lights and blinds rotation for that lived in look, home security checks
    cat sitting and feeding

    Snuggle or quiet time for elderly or shy kitties

    AS OF 7/15/22 There will be a temporary fuel surcharge of $2 per visit added to our Dog Walks, Any Cat or Dog Visits, Pet Taxi, Poop Scoop Yard Clean Up, Home Care Visits, Overnight and Live In Pet Nanny visits.

    With fuel prices being higher than we can ever remember and with the expectation that they will continue to rise, this will help our sitters defray some of the travel expense they incur while traveling to and from your visits.

    Cat sitting Chloe with pet sitter in lawrenceville, ga

    Comfy kitty at home

    Daily In-Home Cat Sitting Visits
    WE ADORE CATS! Your cats will enjoy a visit from one of our Expert Cat Nannies who specialize in the care of cats.  Uniquely personalized attention for all kitty personalities. Whether playful or shy your kitty will enjoy time with an expert cat sitter.  Playtime, loving, and feeding in addition to administering medications, scoop litter boxes, mail retrieval and home security check all included. $27 per 30 minute visit for first two cats. $1 for each additional pet.  $9 for each additional 15 minutes. Holiday stays are an additional $10 per visit on noted holidays. 

  • Holiday Services 
    There is an additional charge for visits on the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day. $10 additional per visit on noted holidays.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • “Thank you once again for taking such excellent care of mcat sitting Gibson with pet sitter in duluth, gay 4-legged kids while I was out of town for Thanksgiving! Marlaine, thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Gibson & Margarita! I know they tended to hide under beds, but the reports you left let me know how great a job you did! Margarita does love to chase her treats! The value is excellent for all the you do while watching my pets. I know I leave my “kids” in good hands anytime I use your services. You all are the only cat sitting service I will ever use! You are all the best!” –Donna F.
  • “Abbie is super!  We were delighted with her pet sitting–everything was perfect and she even spotted our cats.  I think she’s a natural.  We really appreciated the superior quality of your cat care. Furthermore, when I met with Abbie at the home visit, I felt quite at ease that things would work out and they did. We will be out of town again soon,  I’m sure all your sitters are excellent, but we would love to have Abbie again if possible, so that our cats can really get used to her. Thanks again for providing a really superior cat sitting service.” –Julie B.

    NAPPS National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Cat Sitter

    Is your pet sitter a member? We have been members since 2010!

  • NAPPS- We are proud members of NAPPS- the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters for your peace of mind.
  • pet sitter gps tracking for cat sittingAs professional pet sitters we use a State of the Art GPS tracking system to ensure our pet sitters arrive safely to each pet visit and in a timely manner. Our cat sitters check in when they arrive at each pet visit and check out at the completion of each pet visit. Geo coding and time stamping each visit for our records and your peace of mind.