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Why Is It Important To Keep Your Pet’s Nails Trimmed?

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Why is it important to keep your pets nails trimmed and what happens if you don’t?

There are many different reasons to keep your pets nails trimmed. For example, if your dog’s nails get too long, they can break, which can be painful and sometimes results in infection. Long nails can also cause an irregular gait or walk that leads to skeletal damage.

Despite the importance of keeping your pets nails trimmed to a safe length, many people can’t or don’t like to trim their dog’s nails. It can be a daunting and scary task to tackle. It’s a task that can make both people and the animal anxious. How do you know exactly where to cut the nail? What if you trim the nail too close and cut the sensitive quick? What if your dog seems worried? Although it can seem daunting, if you keep a few guidelines in mind and maintain a consistent schedule, nail trimming doesn’t have to become a stressful chore.

It is important to start of teaching your pet that nail trimming doesn’t have to be an awful, scary task. Playing with your pets paws at an early age, on a consistent basis, will help give them the confidence they need! Most people do not feel comfortable with trimming their pets nails because trimming too close, can cause the nail to bleed. If you don’t feel comfortable with trimming your pets nails at home, then bring them to the professionals! We’d be happy to trim your pets nails or even show you how to properly do it. We offer two nail trimming services: the basic nail trim (which cuts the nail bluntly) and nail dremeling or nail filling (which cuts the nail smoothly).

When you fail to trim your dog’s nails as frequently as needed, the quick grows along with the nail. Quicks are soft cuticles in the center of the nail that have blood vessels and nerves. If you accidentally cut the quick when trimming the nail, it will cause the nail to bleed. It is important to note that sometimes it is very difficult to get the nails as short as you would like, in a safe manner. As shown in the picture, if your pet has long quicks, because of infrequent nail trimmings, then there isn’t much of the nail that can be taken off without cutting the quick in the process.

Nail trimming is an essential part of maintaining your pets healthy lifestyle. And should be done often, whether at home, with your groomer, or with your veterinarian.

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