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Why Does My Dog or Cat Eat Grass?

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Why Does My Dog or Cat Eat Grass?


pet sitter dog eating grass in suwanee, gaHave you ever wondered why your dog or cat is eating grass? Many pet owners now know that what you put into your pet nutritionally is very important. Many of the natural and better dog foods are getting some traction in the market place as pet owners become more educated about the difference between high quality ingredients versus pet foods consisting largely of corn, wheat and other fillers.

So you are feeding your pet a high quality diet yet he chooses to gobble up grass either occasionally or intermittently. Why is that? Well for different pets there are different reasons. Even when feeding your pet a nutritionally complete food, your dog or cat may have cravings for other things such as grass. If your pet is just an occasional nibbler and no vomiting or stomach upset is evident then there is probably no cause for alarm.

Pets can be driven to eat any number of things including but not limited to grass, plastic, paper, underwear, wood etc. This may be out of lack of exercise, the urge to chew, a neurological reasons or even sheer boredom.

If this is a regular occurrence and your dog or cat is experiencing stomach upset, change in behavior or even vomiting, a trip to the vet is warranted. Your vet can help you to rule out any physiological reasons which may be minor or major. It’s best to err on the side of caution. Since our pets can’t talk to us it is up to us to decipher what their needs are based on their actions.

Once you get the all clear from the vet and if you are still experiencing the problem, the next stop would be a Professional Dog Trainer or animal behaviorist who can help answer questions or give you tips based on your dog’s unique behaviors. If lack of exercise or boredom are the cause, take your dog walking to burn off that extra energy!

At the end of the day if your dog or cat eats a little grass and they are no worse for wear, don’t worry about it!

Terie Hansen Owner of Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care

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