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Why Does My Dog Bark at Everything?

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Why does my dog bark at everything?

Dogs bark for many reasons. They might see something that excites them or frightens them. They may be bored, hungry, need to potty or want to play or get your attention.  Whatever the reason is, barking is a natural way for a dog to communicate. However, when a dog barks at everything that moves or barks incessantly and won’t stop even when told to by their owner there is something wrong. Wrong as in, they are not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation.

Dogs can develop obsessive compulsive behaviors such as barking, digging, chewing, licking, spinning and more as a way to expel excess energy. What starts out as a way to release energy becomes a habit or obsessive compulsive behavior. Sadly your dog does not like being this way but they don’t know how to stop, and let’s face it they can’t walk themselves and they can’t go to the store to buy a brain game.  They are totally reliant on us to give them what they need in terms of exercise and mental challenges. Think about it, if your house and your yard where your whole world and you seldom got a change of scenery you’d go a bit bonkers yourself!

It could be that your furry friend just needs a bit more exercise (and no, running around in the back yard is not enough). A brisk walk (and I don’t mean the kind where your dog is leading the way, sniffing this and that, weaving to and fro, peeing here and there) the kind where your dog stays at your side using physical and mental focus, getting their heart rate up so their body can release endorphins (can you say ahhhhhh…), which is what he is trying to achieve by barking constantly.

At the point where these behaviors become obsessive compulsive, just taking your BFF (best furry friend) for a walk may not stop the behavior, but with a little help from a professional  trainer you can get your dog back on track to a happy, healthy, physically and mentally balanced canine. And let’s be honest, that is how you want your dog to live right?

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