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Pet Sitting vs Cat or Dog Boarding

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Your trip is booked, the plane tickets are purchased and you are all set right? Wait a minute, aren’t you forgetting something, or should I say someone? Your pet (aka

furry, finned, feathered family member)! Who will take care of your pet(s) while you are gone? Well there are many choices…A friend or neighbor (who often renege at the last minute, happens all the time because they really don’t want to do it), your vet, pet sitter, doggie day care place or private boarding might be the best option?

Really the best choice is made based on your pet(s) and what gives you peace of mind.

What type of pet do you own? Dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, livestock and more can be cared for by professional pet sitters.

Should I use my vet? Your vet is an option if your dog is ok to be left in a kennel for most of the day ( I wouldn’t recommend cats being boarded as they are usually stressed out by the change in environment, sights, sounds(barking dogs), smells), only coming out for potty breaks and a short walk because let’s face it, most vets will board but are not set up to spend any quality time with your pet (they are busy seeing patients as are their staff).  But your pet will be safe none the less.

Is your pet(s) ok to be left alone at home? If your pet is older, ailing or

rehabbing, is NOT spayed or neutered (most dog boarding places with not board intact males or females) enjoys chilling on the sofa, likes to play in their own yard or go for walks in their neighborhood or does not do well socializing with other dogs or you own a cat(s) then an in home professional pet sitter is a great choice. They will make visits to your home to care for your pet(s), feed, water, walk, scoop litter boxes, play and of course cuddle, give belly rubs etc if your pet thrives on that (as does mine). Some will leave you a full report of the fun that was had with your pet complete with pictures. They will also water your plants, take in your mail, change your lights around (making it look as if you are home) which are all great security measures.

Why should I use a professional pet care provider? Professional Pet sitters are members of an association such as NAPPS-National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, PSI-Pet Sitters International etc where they get continuing education on animal care and safety issues, often have additional certifications such as Pet CPR & First Aid through the American Red Cross. They are licensed, bonded and insured for your safety. Most importantly your pet is their top priority.

Professionals often offer overnight care as well as live in care for pets who need more interaction or attention, like to sleep in the bed with human company or for pet parents who just want to pamper their furbabies with this luxury level of care.

Does your dog get along with other dogs? A dog boarding or day care facility is an option for dogs that are social and can’t be left home alone because they tear up the house, have severe separation anxiety or just generally enjoy the company of a lot of dogs. This is not an option usually for an older dog as the activity level is too high. This is also not an option for dog reactive dogs as they will spend their entire time in a crate/kennel (not much fun for your dog).

Would you feel better if your dog had 24 hour care? Private boarding is a great option for most dogs. The ratio of care giver to dogs is very low usually 1 to 5 and allows your dog plenty of human interaction and the ability to live in a home environment. They get 24/7 care, lots of play time, walks and tons of love and attention. This is also a great option for puppies or special needs dogs that may need more frequent potty breaks or have special care or training requirements.

At Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care we offer professional in home pet sitting, overnight and live in care as well as private boarding. There is an option for every pet and every budget. We deliver happiness and peace of mind to all the pets and pet parents in our care. Call us today with any questions you may have or for a free consultation. It would be our pleasure to serve you! 404-422-9832

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