Low Expectations Yield Low Results in Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior, Low expectations yield low results with your dog’s behavior.

I often feel I have much higher expectations for dogs than my clients do. This is because I know what dogs are capable of in terms of learning good behavior. Many dog owners are used to living dog behaviorwith their dog’s bad behaviors either because they don’t know it can be better, or they don’t know how to make it happen, or worse, they are not willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. If it is a matter of budget, there are tons of FREE how-to videos online. Not to mention, plenty of people have trained their dogs using online videos to guide them. Dog behavior matters.

I believe that most dog owners don’t realize how good it can be! Of course, if they have reached out to a dog trainer like myself, they have and just need help with the process.

Dog’s are incredibly smart. Dog behavior is a reflection of the boundaries that have been set and the consistency with which they have been enforced. 

The saying “Dogs want to please you.” is true… sometimes.

Like many people, dogs will follow the path of least resistance, especially if the rules/boundaries are limited or inconsistent. A stubborn dog is a product of inconsistent teachings.

A dog that has been fully trained is such a joy to live with. They are happier overall and they have a life that is enriched because they can go with their owners anywhere dogs are allowed.

What to expect… having your dog walk nicely on a loose leash (not pulling) and ignoring distractions along the way. Calmly greeting guests who enter your home, not jumping and barking or

dog behavior

Sit means sit and stay

worse growling and charging! Following through on commands such as sit, down or go to place and staying in that command until released. Going potty outside not in your house! (Life’s simple pleasures). Being calm in a crate and much more!

If you put up with behaviors because you don’t know how to address them, aren’t willing to make the effort to help your dog change, or maybe because you feel you don’t have time…Low expectations yield low results.

Whether you embark on Group Dog Training classes, Private One on One Dog Training in your home, invest in a Board & Train program or DIY with online videos, doing something is always better than doing nothing. 

We need to start expecting more of our dogs. We need to get educated on how to train our dogs and TAKE ACTION and invest in our dogs, so we AND our dogs can live a happier (less stressed) and fuller life!


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