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Best Dog Leashes & Collars Your Gwinnett County Pet Sitter & Dog Trainer Recommends

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Best Dog Leashes and Collars Your Gwinnett County Pet Sitter and Dog Trainer Recommends

As a pet sitter and dog trainer I often get asked about what type of leash and collars I use with my personal pets. My answer, “It depends on the situation”. Different leashes and collars have different applications. My favorites are listed below…

My dog Cole always wears a standard buckle/clip flat nylon collar which carries her identification, microchip and rabies tags. However as a pet sitter & dog trainer I NEVER attach a leash to that collar when going for a walk or anywhere else. Why? That combination of collar with any leash can create a gap if pulled on either by dog or handler which can result in the collar slipping off the dog’s head (never a good situation for most dog owners).

So what do I use when walking or traveling places?

My everyday favorite leash and collar combo is a medium width 4’ flat nylon leash with a half check collar. A medium width is nice in the hand, not to wide and 4’ is just long enough for when your dog needs to go potty. For me 6’ is to long, that’s 2 extra feet of leash I have to hold when my dog is walking in a nice heel  position (where every dog should be on a walk, but that’s a whole other article) next to me.

A half check collar if you are not familiar with it is the same as a martingale style but instead of a piece of flat nylon running between the two “D” rings it will have a piece of chain link. Either style gives great control and eliminates gapping of the collar when you or your dog pulls on it. Thus eliminating the chance of slipping off your dog’s head in a moment of excitement (squirrel! dog! person!).  This collar slips on over your dog’s head and is not intended to be left on at all times. My dog wears her regular buckle/clip style collar with her tags on it at all times and the half check is slipped over her head when we go for walks.


Next as a pet sitter and dog walker I like a hands free/ over the shoulder style of leash in combination with my half check collar. This leash is adjustable and can also be used as a standard “in hand” 6’ leash (which I never do). You can take it off your shoulder when your dog needs to go potty and you want to give them a little more space. This is just great for jogging, walking multiple dogs or anytime you need your hands free. Mine is the slip over my head style but there are also styles that you wear around your combination with my half check collar. 

Next as a dog trainer I like a one piece slip style leash/collar combo also 4’ total length and has a stopper (usually leather) that allows you to adjust how snug/loose you want it around your dog’s neck. Snug holds

the collar portion in proper position high up on your dog’s head/neck. Loose and it will move freely about the neck of your dog unless you or the dog pull and then it will tighten up reducing the chances of your dog slipping out of it. This is a great dog about town combo or “city leash” as it is short (by the time it is around your dog’s head there is about 3’ of leash left) which keeps your dog close when you are at places where there might be a lot of dogs or people (festivals, downtown, dog friendly stores) and you don’t want your dog wandering to far or getting all up in other people’s business if you know what I mean! It is also great for dog training as it allows the handler greater control when worn in the high and snug position.

Leashes and collars are tools to help you maintain control of your dog. Which you should do at all times when out in public places with your dog. They insure the safety of your pet and others.

Any leash/collar should be used in the manner it was intended for.  Not doing so could result in harm to your dog. Not sure how to properly use these tools? Consult a professional dog trainer or pet sitter.

Terie Hansen

Professional Dog Trainer, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

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