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Are You Happy with GEO or Do You Want More? Good Enough Obedience

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GEO or Good Enough Obedience is what many owners experience with their dogs. Does this sound familiar? You put your dog in a down and they stay there for a few minutes maybe longer. Then they begin to scratch, stretch, sniff, reach for a toy etc. You don’t do anything because technically they are still in the down. Then they begin to creep ever so slightly but still you are okay with that because they haven’t gotten up. Now we are in the GEO zone. If you’re happy with that, okay. But remember this, the small stuff matters! What you don’t disagree with, you are agreeing with. And if you are agreeing with less than true obedience, you’ll get more of the same.

If you want true obedience, the devil is in the details.

When you teach your dog to sit, teach them sit means sit. Not sliding into a down because they feel like it. When you teach them to come, it should be a bee line TO you not past you. When you teach them the place command it means ALL body parts need to be on place, not half on half off, not even a paw off the edge. Be specific, expect more and be consistent, no negotiation, no gray areas. Correct for even the smallest infractions.

When you have true obedience, you can count on your dog to listen to you no matter what is going on around them. So, you and your dog can enjoy more freedoms. So, you can take your dog to more places. So, you can travel with them. So, you can walk your dog without them pulling your arm off or choking themselves. So, you can go hiking together without worrying about them attacking another dog. Their world becomes infinitely larger and more interesting and you can gain a true companion.

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