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Want a Well Trained Dog? Talk Less, Do More

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The Secret to a Well Trained Dog. Talk Less, Do More

We all want a well trained dog, and we all talk to our dogs, don’t we? I know I do! However, when giving my dog a command, I typically only use one word (the command). I may also call her name first to get her attention if she is not looking at me, but I pause in between her name and the command until she is looking at me. Want that well trained dog?

When just beginning the training process with clients I notice that many times they talk to their dogs in full sentences when giving commands.  While dogs may be able to pick out key words you are slowing down the process of your dog understanding exactly what you want from them. A common mistake clients make is repeating the command in rapid fire fashion, sit, sit, sit! As well as give their dog commands that their dog has not been FULLY trained on. Clients often give commands and then don’t follow through to make sure their dog performs that command. Sound familiar?

Want better results from your dog? Talk less, do more.

What I mean by that is, train your dog consistently on basic obedience skills such as sit, down, place and come.

When teaching/giving a command be direct, use one word. You want your dog to listen to you the first time, right? Pause after the command, giving them time to process what they just heard. Wait a reasonable amount of time before repeating the command.Well trained dog is more fun.

You don’t need to spend hours training. Just a few minutes a few times a day teaching and reinforcing the basic commands will yield amazing results. Don’t give a command unless you are prepared to follow through until you get the action you are asking for.

Keep a leash on your dog while training so you can direct them into position if necessary or keep them from strolling away. Use their daily food to train and motivate them. Make it fun! Think of it as training your dog to do tricks. Commands are something your dog performs when asked and is then rewarded for! This is a well trained dog.

Oftentimes when you talk less, you will find your dog looking at and tuning into you more. Spend the next 24 hours with your dog doing more, talking less and see what happens! You’ll get a well trained dog.

Terie Hansen is owner of Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care. Visit for more information.

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