Heartworms, Zika Virus- Choose Your Mosquito Control Company Wisely

It is Mosquito season which means Heartworm & Zika Virus are always a possibility. Having your yard treated by a reputable company is a viable solution to greatly reduce these pests in your yard. Here are some tips on choosing the right company for the job along with the answers to some commonly asked questions.

No Bugs, No Bites, No Kidding!

Key Factors in Choosing an Effective Mosquito Control Company

By Jeannie Moreira, Mosquito Squad of Duluth-Lawrenceville

Spring showers and sunshine, bring out the dormant mosquitoes and create ideal breeding conditions for these pesky nuisance bugs.

Utilizing an effective and dependable mosquito control solution is critical to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Traditional methods, such as citronella candles mosquito zika virusand bugs spray, merely act as a mosquito repellent, in limited areas, and don’t last for too long.  Then there are the DIY products that you can purchase.  Consideration of your time and your labor, while understanding the limited effectiveness, is important.  Only a [Read more…]

5 Important Tips to Avoid Mosquito Dangers Now



By Jeannie Moreira, Mosquito Squad of Duluth-Lawrenceville

Although right now it seems to be far from the Duluth, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, Suwanee, and other metro Atlanta areas of Georgia, we all need to be aware of what The Rhode Island Department of Health told the public late last year regarding mosquitos and Chikungunya.

They confirmed two cases of Chikungunya (pronounced Chicken-Guy-Yuh), a viral infection,Chikungunya involving travelers who returned from the Dominican Republic last month, the first cases of the disease being found in the northeast.

According to officials, the virus is primarily spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes. It is typically found in Caribbean countries, as well as Africa, Asia and islands in the Indian and western Pacific oceans, but there have been about 41 cases reported in the U.S. this year.

Previous cases of Chikungunya were reported in Florida (272 imported cases were reported from January 1 to October 14, 2014), North Carolina and Tennessee. The spread of the disease prompted travel advisories for those Americans traveling to the Caribbean.

The two Rhode Island residents infected with Chikungunya returned from the Dominican Republic twelve days apart. Multiple other possible cases remain under investigation.

mosquito chikungunya rashThere is no vaccine for the disease, and the treatment involves eliminating the symptoms, which include fever, joint pain, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling and/or a rash.

Officials have also urged Rhode Island residents to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds, as mosquitoes can allow for person-to-person transmission of the disease

mosquito squad

One of the most effective ways to eliminate mosquitoes for good is with ongoing seasonal protection from a trusted mosquito control company, like Mosquito Squad.

As the continued innovator in both mosquito and tick control, Mosquito Squad shares these best ways to keep mosquitoes at bay, known as the 5 T’s™:

Tip – tip any vessel that holds unintended standing water outside your home – pet water bowls, planter trays and children’s toys.

Toss – toss any items in your yard that could collect water that can be discarded: old toys, unused birdbaths, and tires. An item as small as a flipped over soda pop cap can become a breeding ground for thousands of mosquito larvae.

Turn Over – turn over any potentially water-holding items or containers so that liquid can’t collect in them, until the time they may once again be needed. Again, think bowls, planters, and birdbaths.

Tarps Eliminated – tarps create ideal mosquito breeding grounds. If at all possible, eliminate all outside tarps.  Not only do they hold small pools of water which are ideal for egg-laying, but the shade they create is a preferred spot for adults to harbor during the heat of the day, waiting to come out and bite when they detect warm bodies nearby.

Treat Accordingly – this is where the experts at Mosquito Squad come in. Our trained applicators will take care of Tip, Toss, Turn Over, and eliminate Tarps for you, and we also use the safest, most effective Treatments available to protect your family and pets from biting insects and the diseases they carry.

Take back your yard and protect your family (the two legged and four legged) from biting, disease carrying mosquitos today!

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