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Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy When You Aren’t Home

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Pet Sitter Tips

Professional pet sitters tend to wonder, Does your dog get into trouble when left home alone? Here are a few simple things you can do to minimize or even eliminate the chances of it happening again. First you must ask yourself “is my dog getting enough exercise?”. If not, hiring a pet sitter for dog walking services helps.

I always tell my clients “a dog has energy and it has to go somewhere, it’s either going to go somewhere good or somewhere bad. It’s your choice.”

Take your dog for a good walk before leaving them at home. Think about it…many people say “I have to get up so early for work, I’m to tired to walk my dog before I go” but your dog just slept all night long and has energy to burn. This is part of being a responsible dog owner.

Use a food dispensing ball to feed them their breakfast. Instead of just dumping their food in their bowl, a food dispensing ball will challenge their mind and work their body. Better yet teach them to “find it” when hidden in different places in your home.

Rotate the toys in their toy basket. Most dog owners have a basket or bin that they keep their dog’s toys in. Think back to when you were a kid. When you first got a new toy it was fun but after a couple of weeks it was old news. It’s much the same for dogs and their toys, so take half of their toys and put them up and away. Every few days rotate one or two toys out of their toy basket with one or two of the ones you have put up. This keeps things fresh and fun. And throw in a new one every once in a while.

Turn on a television or radio. Sometimes just the sound of human voices can be comforting to a dog that is left for a long time.

Hire a dog walker! Professional dog walking can make all the difference in your life and the life of your dog. They are trained to give your dog the type of exercise needed to burn off the zoomies and destructive behavior.  And you get to come home to a calm happy dog!

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