Pet Disaster Preparedness

If disaster strikes are you Pet Disaster Preparedness planprepared to save your pet? A Pet Disaster Preparedness plan could save a life!

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma fast approaching many pets have been and will be displaced. At this point, they are forecasting Hurricane Irma will affect even those in Atlanta and outlying areas. To what extent, we will have to wait and see. During events like these, pet disaster preparedness is crucial for the safety of your pet.

Many who don’t prepare may be forced to leave their pets behind.

Pet Disaster Preparedness don't leave himIn the event of a disaster, are you prepared to save your pet? Incidentally, just a few years past many of us experienced just such an event. A rainstorm that turned into a 100 year flood. That being, a flood that usually only happens once every 100 years. Do you remember? It submerged many parts of Lilburn. Luckily my family was not affected, but just barely. It rained for days. As a result, our whole backyard was under water. The water stopped only a few feet from our back door. Had it not, we had a pet disaster preparedness plan in place.

Pet Disaster Preparedness flooded

Don’t let this happen to your beloved pet.

Regrettably, many of my neighbors were not so lucky. As a matter of fact, their homes were flooded and they were forced to leave and live elsewhere for many weeks. So what of their pets? In an event like this, not to mention a hurricane such as Harvey or Irma, can you even think straight? Probably not. This is why it is so important to be prepared BEFORE such a disastrous event strikes.

Here are some great tips from NAPPS-National Association of Professional Pet Sitters of which I am a member.

  • Assign each family member a pet to locate and care for.
  • Pick a meeting place for your family in case of separation.
  • Contact Hotels/Motels in advance to find one that accepts pets should you need to evacuate.
  • Stay current on vaccines.
  • Meanwhile, get your pet accustomed to sudden actions as would be needed in a disaster.
  • Check with your pet sitter to see what their emergency plan is for your pet.
  • Have a disaster supply kit ready for each pet and let your pet sitter know where it is.


What should you have in your pet disaster preparedness supply kit? 

  • Collars/harnesses/leashes for all pets including cats as well as ID, microchip number, rabies tags.
  • Pet first aid kit-bandages, antiseptic ointment, alcohol,
    Pet Disaster Preparedness kit

    Make your Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit Now!

    gloves, tweezers, muzzle & gauze.

  • Vaccination records in addition to a current picture of each pet.
  • Three week supply of each pet’s medications.
  • Sedative for pets that frighten easily.
  • Plastic bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies.
  • Can opener, food (3 week supply), water, bowls, toys as well as blankets your pet finds familiar.
  • Flashlight, batteries, emergency contact numbers.
  • Pet carrier for each pet complete with litter/box for cats.
  • Finally a plastic tub with lid to carry and organize everything.

For a complete list, click the link below to get your FREE emergency planning guide from NAPPS. 

NAPPS offers a FREE 19 page pet disaster preparedness  Emergency Planning Guide that can be downloaded right from their website. The guide includes wallet sized Emergency Pet Cards that help you to keep your pet’s emergency contact information and any critical pet support needs handy. Just CLICK HERE  to download your free copy.

Pet Disaster Preparedness pets

Please Plan Now!

So don’t wait, a disaster can happen at any time. Fire, flood, tornado, hurricane not to mention, lightening storms…will you be prepared?



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