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ID Your Dogs and Cats for Safety

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Why is it so important to ID your dogs or cats for safety? Having up to date identification on your pet greatly increases the chances of return should your pet escape or get lost.

If your pet escapes your home or yard and is running loose, a neighbor or other person is much more likely to stop to help your pet if they are clearly wearing a collar and tags.

A collar and ID tag signifies that the pet belongs to someone and isn’t just a stray.

Having an ID tag with your pet’s name and your phone number makes it easy for the good Samaritan to act quickly without much effort.

Even if your pet is micro chipped, if they don’t have a collar and tags the chances of someone helping are reduced greatly.

Just think about it. If you saw a dog without a collar and tags running loose, would you take the time to pick it up only to have to take it to a vet or local shelter to be scanned for a microchip??? Highly unlikely for most people. 

You can pick up a collar at your local pet store or even the $1 store! ID Tags are also inexpensive and available at your local pet store or even online at for just a few bucks. It takes only minutes to get one made up!

In the summer months especially holiday months with fireworks displays, tagging your pet is especially important. More pets go missing during these months then all others combined.

So, if your pet is not properly ID’d, make it your mission to remedy that right away. One day you may be very glad you did!

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