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Get Your Dog Walking In Following Mode

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Get Your Dog Walking In Following Mode by using these techniques.

I get so many calls from people that have dogs that are reactive on the leash when they are walking them.

Reactive towards people, dogs, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, kids, skateboards, squirrels, cats and the list goes on. Teaching your dog how to walk properly on a leash in the “following mode” (heel position, their nose should be no further up than your heel) is very important. It puts your dog at ease and helps them to be more relaxed while you share leadership by leading the way!

Start with your dog walking in your driveway. Doing driveway drills up and down your driveway.

Work on your technique. It’s not about how far you go, it’s about how you get there!

When you master that, move to walking back and forth in front of your house. When you master that, go a house or two down your street. Each time you venture a bit further you need to reinforce the technique of having your dog walking in following mode.

Keeping your dog walking on a short but loose leash. Directing him into the heel position. If he’s forges ahead simply let out the leash and when he gets almost to the end of it, do a quick, but firm pop on the leash followed by a 180° turn and go in the opposite direction. Here’s a quick video to teach you how   View 180° Turn How To Technique 

You can also use the spatial pressure technique to stop your dog from forging ahead. Here’s a quick video to teach you how VIEW SPATIAL PRESSURE HOW TO VIDEO

Repeat until your dog is no longer forging ahead. If your dog can’t walk properly in your driveway then encountering distractions such as other people, dogs, squirrels etc will seem impossible.

Also think about…what structures and boundaries you are implementing INSIDE your home? If there are none how do you expect your dog to trust that you are in charge outside of your home under stressful or exciting circumstances?

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