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Don’t Bake Your Dog (Dogs In Hot Cars)

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Yes, you heard me! As the days begin to warm, the temperatures in your car become hot. Hot enough to kill your dogs in hot cars. It only takes 10 minutes for the inside of your car to reach a temperature that can cause heatstroke in your dog. According to Jules Benson DVM “Heat stroke can permanently damage a pet’s health very rapidly. The change of only a few degrees to a dog’s normal body temperature can quickly result in coma, organ dysfunction, permanent brain damage, even death”.

Your dog’s body temperature of 101°- 102.5° is already naturally higher than a human’s. Coupled with the fact that in minutes the temperature inside your car can soar to deadly levels even on a relatively cool spring or summer day. Dogs in hot cars

A dog can begin to suffer from heat exhaustion when the temperature inside your car reaches just 83°. Dogs can’t sweat like humans, so they pant to cool their body temperature. When locked inside a hot car they are recycling hot air so panting gives little to no relief. Never leave dogs in hot cars.

Take a look at how quickly your car can become an oven to your dog.

Even in the shade the temperature inside your car can be deadly. Leaving the windows cracked has little effect on how hot it is inside the car. Dogs in hot cars.

So, what to do with your dog? Here are a few alternatives to baking them.

Use the drive thru for errands when available.

Shop at pet friendly stores where your dog is welcome to come in with you.

Eat at outdoor, pet friendly restaurants so your dog can join you.

Leave your dog at home in their cool, comfy, safe environment!

Hire a pet sitter or dog walker if need be to come to your home, keeping your dog company while you run errands. It’s a fun and affordable option!

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