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Dog Parks, Good or Bad? 4 Simple Tips

Dog Parks, Good or Bad?

dog walking at dog parks in lawrenceville, ga with max

Walk your dog prior to the dog park.

To dog park or not to dog park that is the question. A hotly debated question that I am frequently asked “ Is it ok to take my dog to dog parks?”. My answer “yes and no” depending on your dog. A dog park is for socializing (learning how to interact with other dogs) not exercising. Will your dog get exercise while at the dog park? Of course they will but never take a fully energized dog into a dog park or you could be setting your dog up for failure. Over excited dog = bad doggie manners = possible dog fight.

Take your dog for a nice walk before taking them into the dog park. They will be calmer, better behaved and make better social decisions. [Read more…]

5 Top Dog Parks in Gwinnett County

5 Top Dog Parks in Gwinnett County

dogs at top dog parks in dacula, gaIf you are like a lot of dog owners you enjoy taking your dog to an off leash dog park where they can socialize and make new friends. Take a look at the 5 Top Dog Parks in Gwinnett County to see what’s in your area (not in any particular order).


Chattapoochee – Duluthchattapoochee top dog parks in gwinnett

Offering separate areas for small and large dogs, this park has doggie sprinklers for cooling off and obstacle courses for extra fun!

Ronald Reagan – Lawrenceville

Although this is an older park it has a lot to offer with three enclosures and a separate long narrow dog run area. It has some agility equipment, doggie water fountains and [Read more…]

5 Simple Summer Pet Safety Tips

Spring is in the air but summer is fast approaching. With that in mind here are 5 simple summer pet safety tips to keep your pets safer this summer.

  1. Leave your dog at home when you run errands this summer. Even wDon't Cook Your Dog, summer pet safety tipshen it feels cool outside the temperature inside your car can quickly rise and cause your dog to have heat stroke. Within minutes your car can turn into an oven and then a coffin. Couple that with the fact that a dog’s body temperature is naturally higher at 102.5 F than a human’s at 98.6 F it doesn’t take long for your dog to overheat.
  2. During the summer months we spend more time outside so naturally pets are more likely to get lost during this time of year. If you have a fenced in back yard, make sure all gates are secure and check the fence line for any damage or erosion that may have occurred during spring rains. [Read more…]