5 Holiday Pet Hazards

The holidays are filled with shiny ornaments, twinkly lights, festive wrapping ribbons, poinsettias and pine trees not to mention all the chocolates and fancy foods  that are sure to capture the attention of your pet dog or cat. Oh how I love the holidays! As you are planning your holiday decorating, parties and gatherings keep in mind your four legged family members. While all the trimmings of the holidays are dare I say “necessary” they can also be very dangerous for your pets.

Anal Glands: To Express or Not to Express

Anal Glands: To Express or Not to Express

Anal glands are located inside the anus of most carnivores, as well as a few other mammals. These glands secrete a foul smelling fluid-like material. Normally, as an animal defecates, the glands empty some of this material for the purpose of scent marking. When an animal is stressed or scared, he may express his anal glands resulting in a noticeable foul odor.

Where Do Mosquitos Go In Winter?

Peak-a-boo? Where are you?

Where do mosquitoes go during the winter months?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures and do not generally bite in temperatures below 50F. mosquito squad of Duluth, gaIn Georgia, some adult mosquitoes become inactive with the onset of cold weather and enter into hibernation before the first frost. Other mosquitoes die in the fall but have winter-hardy eggs, which hibernate as embryos.

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