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Apet sitting dog walking duluth provides dog walker servicest Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care we take the extra steps of screening all of our pet sitters and dog walkers. We understand that hiring a pet sitter is a very personal decision. After all, that pet sitter will be coming into the privacy of your home and caring for your furry, feathered or finned family member! You want to know that your dog, cat, bird, fish or any exotic pet you may own is getting the utmost in care when you can’t be there not to mention that your home and possessions are safe. * Pet Sitting, Dog Walking Duluth Georgia is the best!

At Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care your privacy and your pet is our first priority.

Whether we provide In-home Pet Sitting or you use our Dog Walking or pet sitting, dog walking Duluth takes care of puppiesPrivateBoarding service for dogs we want you to come home to a happy well adjusted pet. Our pet sitters have gone through an extensive application and interviewing process. Not only have references have been called but also each pet sitter has been professionally background screened via Veridata Services.

We are professional animal care givers. We are proud members of NAPPS the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and we have been Awarded “Best of Gwinnett” since 2011 by customers like you! Proudly serving the Duluth and surrounding areas.


pet sitting, dog walking Duluth pet sitters play tug with dogAt Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care we are NOT interested in squeezing as many pet visit clients into one day as we can. We take our time when caring for your pet. Our visits are a minimum of 30 minutes. We love what we do. This is not a job, it’s a lifestyle to us! So rest assured we will not be short changing your pet by rushing in and rushing out. We will take our time to make sure your pet is not only well cared for and loved, but also has fun!

Our Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services…

Good Dog! Pet Care’s service begins with a free in-home consultation. Together we assess your unique needs and develop the perfect pet sitting program to care for your pet as well as reduce your stress as a busy pet owner. Our in-home and off site pet sitting services offer the reliability, professionalism as well as genuine care you can appreciate. You know your pet is in good hands when they are with us. Whether you need a dog walker, private dog boarding or a live-in pet sitter, Good Dog! offers the ideal solution for all your pet care needs. We offer stimulating activities for cats and dogs that are designed to provide mental excitement, tons of exercise and of course lots of fun! * Pet Sitting, Dog Walking Duluth provides excellent pet care.

AS OF 7/15/22 There will be a temporary fuel surcharge of $2 per visit added to our Dog Walks, Any Pet Visits, Pet Taxi, Poop Scoop Yard Clean Up, Home Care Visits, Overnight and Live In Pet Nanny visits.

With fuel prices being higher than we can ever remember and with the expectation that they will continue to rise, this will help our sitters defray some of the travel expense they incur while traveling to and from your visits.


Daily In-Home Pet Visitspet sitting, dog walking duluth provides pet care for cats, dogs and exotic pets
We’ll come to your home to care for your pets. When applicable, visits include walks, potty time, play time, feeding, litter box or cage cleaning, and home security check. $27 per 30 minute visit for first two pets. $1 for each additional pet.  $9 for each additional 15 minutes.


Daily In-Home Cat Sitting Visitspet sitting, dog walking Duluth provides cat care

WE ADORE CATS! Your cats will enjoy a visit from one of our Expert Cat Nannies (pet sitters) who specialize in the care of cats).  Personalized attention for all kitty personalities. Your kitty, whether playful or shy will enjoy their time with their expert cat sitters.  Playtime, loving, feeding, administer medications in addition to scoop litter boxes, mail retrieval as well as, home security check all included. $27 per 30 minute visit for first two cats. $1 for each additional pet.  $9 for each additional 1pet sitting, dog walking duluth dog walker Shelly hansen5 minutes. * pet sitting, dog walking duluth pet sit

Private Dog Walk
We will take your dog on a leashed walk in your neighborhood. We’ll make sure yourdog gets out not only to stretch his legs but also get some fresh air and of course, do his business! Feeding and basic home care can be combined at no charge within a 30 minute time frame. $27 per visit first two dogs. $1 each additional pet. $9 for each additional 15 minutes.

Poochie Power Hour

Do you have an athletic, high energy, high anxiety or overweight dog? The Poochie pet sitting, dog walking, duluth provides high energy exercisePower Hour not only drains energy but also replaces feelings of anxiety with calming endorphins not to mention, melt away those excess poochie pounds! This is a vigorous workout. $45 per visit, first two dogs. $1 each additional dog.

Mid-Day Potty Break
We’ll make a trip to your house during the day to let your pet outside for a  potty break. $27 per visit first two dogs. $1 each additional dog. * pet sitting, dog walking duluth potty breaks. pet sitting, dog walking duluth dog park field trip

Private Boarding
Bring your dog to live with us in our home when you travel or are having work done on your home. You drop off your pet and provide their food,pet sitting, dog walking Duluth dog boarding treats and bedding, and we’ll do the rest! They will enjoy play times, daily dog walks, and be pampered  like they deserve. Dogs $85 per overnight. $25 per additional dog. Pet Taxi available for pick up and drop off.

In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting
We’ll spend the night in your home so your pets can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own environment! Your pet sitter will arrive in the evening and stay through till morning. Your pets will enjoy private walks (when applicable), play time, feeding, treats and equally important snuggle time! You’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing your loved one is having their own vacation! Litter box and/or cage cleaning, mail/newspaper retrieval, plant watering, and home security checks are all included in this service where needed.  Call for information about approximate pet sitter arrival and departure time. $85 per night for first two pets. $5 per additional pet.

Live-In Pet Nannypet sitting, dog walking duluth overnight care

Pamper your pet with the ultimate in care, a Live-In Pet Nanny! While you’re away your “Live-In Pet Nanny” will maintain your pet’s  routine while living in your home and caring for your pet day and night. Your Pet Nanny will play, cuddle, exercise, feed not to mention, love your pet like their own. Does your pet like to sleep in the bed with you? Then your Pet Nanny will snuggle all night with them. Special dietary needs can be adhered to, treats as well as medications can be given if needed. Any special instructions will be followed to the letter. Your pet  will enjoy the love and attention  they deserve. Your Pet Nanny will go over their schedule with you before booking to ensure your comfort and of course peace of mind (minimum 20 hrs of care, your caregiver needs time to take care of their own pets). $145 per day first two pets. $5 each additional pet.

Hotel Pet Sitting
Let us watch your loved one for the day or evening in your pet-friendly hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort while you go out on the town. Great for visitors and tourists!Call for rates. * pet sitting, dog walking duluth  for travelers.

Poop Scoop Yard Clean Up
Let us keep your front or back yard clean and sanitary. Basic service includes 30 minute waste clean up for up to two dogs. $28 per visit.

Pet Taxi
We’ll transport your pet and necessary supplies to and from the vet, groomer, as well as trainer, boarding facility, airport or other location. $32each way. $3 per additional mile outside 10 mile radius.

Holiday Services 
erpet sitting, dog walking duluth provides dog boarding, There is an additional charge for visits on the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day.  $10 additional per Pet Visit/Dog Walk Service on noted holidays or per pet for Private Boarding, $20 additional per visit for Overnight Pet Sitting and $30 additional per day for Live In Pet Nanny Service.

House Sitting Home Care
Let us keep your home safe, tidy and looking lived in while you’re away! 30 minute visit includes mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering, light rotation, opening/closing blinds, and home security checks. $27 per visit. No charge if combined within time frame of other pet care services provided.$9 for each additional 15 minutes.

Last Minute or Emergency Care Requests
Have an emergency or taking a last minute trip? We can accommodate your pets! Last minute or emergency care includes care requested within 72 hours of needed service. An additional $30 flat rate per event (not per visit) is applied due to schedule adjustment. * Pet sitting, dog walking Duluth pet care.

Pet sitting, dog walking duluth ga is affordable and loving.  

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