Dog Walking, We Have No Idea When You’ll Return

As a professional, while dog walking we may meet your neighbors and they may ask “When will she be back?” “I don’t know.” Wait! You don’t know when your clients are coming back from their vacation? You won’t tell a well-meaning neighbor (supposedly) that your client will be back on X day? It’s not like they are going to break in or anything! Sheesh! Maybe they were just making conversation. Maybe they are on Neighborhood watch duty and the Lilburn pet sitter looked suspicious.

dog walking while wearing my logo t shirt

My dog walking logo tshirt can be scary to some people!

I get it. I look totally creepy. While dog walking my jeans and company T-shirt are alarming. Maybe it’s my hair? The house key I use to enter your home? No, it’s definitely the shirt. 100% cotton is scary. I know it’s nothing personal (I hope) when neighbors ask about clients’ whereabouts. They have never seen us before and might just be curious. As a professional dog walker who is in-and-out of clients’ homes everyday, staying vague about your travel arrangements is anything but weird.

People hear things. If I tell a neighbor you are gone until the end of the month, how do I know with 100% certainty that another neighbor didn’t hear our conversation? Or someone walking by in your apartment complex didn’t hear me tell you that? Yup. I’m paranoid. You’re welcome.
Here’s a brief list of why (as a professional while dog walking ) we don’t talk to strangers:

Rick Springfield Said So
“Don’t talk to strange men, don’t be a fool
I’m hearing stories; I don’t think that’s cool…”
Rick said so. That’s it.

You Are On Vacation, Dang It!
Going on a trip should be stress-free. You should not have to worry about what could

dog walking is our passion

As a professional while dog walking “I have no idea” will always be my response when asked “when is she coming back?”.

happen to your home while you are away from it. We don’t tell people we don’t know where you are and when you will arrive back for home security reasons.

Your Pets Aren’t An Alarm System

8675309. Unless your dog’s name is Jenny, this code won’t work. Note: if your dog’s name is Jenny, please use a different code in case this blog goes viral. Dogs are usually great at hearing unusual noises around the home. They are not great at calling the police.

As a professional pet sitter and dog walker your pets and your property are our top priority. But if your home isn’t 100% secure, how can your pets be safe while you are traveling? We encourage clients not to tell their neighbors they are going to be away from home for any period of time. We work with YOU, the client, not the neighbors. You have hired us to care for your world. We do so by not telling anyone where you are or when you are coming back to town. I will even go as far as to ignore your neighbor.

“How long is he gone?”
“I don’t know.”

We aren’t rude. We just watch too much Criminal Minds. You’re welcome.

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