Dog Training Tips for Teaching Thresholds

Dog Training Tips for Teaching Thresholds. Do not pass unless invited to do so!Dog Training Tips Teaching Thresholds

Do you own a “Door Dasher”?


Thresholds at it pertains to dogs is an important but oftentimes overlooked area of training with many owners and dog trainers. Teaching a dog NOT to move through a threshold unless invited  to do so can be lifesaving. A threshold is a door to the house, car door, crate door etc. So many times, I hear of dogs escaping through a door only to get lost, or worse, hit by a car or engage in dog fights. Dog Training Tips for teaching thresholds. 

Teaching your dog to respect thresholds is a simple process. Start by having your dog on a leash and having them sit or down a short distance from the door (giving space) when you take them out/in. YOU should be closest to the door, not your dog. Don’t your dog too close to the door as this is too difficult at first and they will be out the door as soon as it’s open (four or more feet away is best). When you begin to open the door, if they attempt to move out of position you can pop back on their leash as you quickly close the door. Repeat the process over and over until they don’t move while you are opening the door.

Remember, teaching your dog something new takes the longest the first few times so, patience is important.

For car doors, do the same as above when having your dog get into the car. Put your dog in a sit Coming out of the car, slowly crack the door, reach in and take hold of their leash. If your dog Dog Training Tips Teaching Thresholdsmoves towards the door, simply close it. Repeat until you can open the door fully and your dog waits to be invited out. DO NOT talk to your dog during the process as this will only distract and excite your dog.

Role play these behaviors in drill like sessions. Go out the door, car, crate, come back inside. Repeat, repeat, repeat (30 or so repetitions at a time). This willDog Training Tips Teaching Thresholds help your dog learn much more quickly than doing it once or twice a day.

Enjoy a calmer, safer, better behaved dog!

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  1. Great information. This is a very important thing to teach dogs that I never thought of. I agree that you really need patience especially the first time. But is there any one thing that is the most important when training your dog not “enter” the threshold until instructed to do so?” Very informative. I enjoyed being here and will be returning. Take care.

  2. Thanks for this article! Do you have any suggestions when your dog will not stop at the threshold no matter how much you try to train them?

    • Yes, walk up to the threshold with your dog on leash, your dog should be in a heel position, (the dog’s nose no further up than the back of your heel) and come to an abrupt stop. Upon doing so give a quick firm pop back on their leash. This works best when using a prong collar. Repeat until your dog stops when you stop without any leash pressure. Be consistent in making your dog stop and wait at all exterior thresholds and do daily drills of this exercise (20-30 reps at a time).

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