Dog Training Duluth GA

Dog Training Duluth GA

A TRAINED DOG IS A HAPPY DOG ” A TRAINED OWNER MAKES A DOG HAPPY… With our one on one approach to In Home Dog Training Duluth GA or our Board & Train HYBRID Programs, we will coach YOU on how to better communicate with your dog the positiveDog Training Duluth GA star student Murphy behaviors you want from him/her! Good Dog! Coaching and Pet Care specializes in transforming your “not so well behaved” pooch into a well trained best friend. We help our clients understand that it’s so much more than just commands. It’s about communicating with your dog in a way he/she understands. For Dog Training in Duluth GA call us!

We can help you establish a closer relationship in addition to improving your dog’s behavior and helping to socialize them properly. Our dog training techniques are effective and focused, allowing you and your dog to achieve results quickly. We In home Dog Training Duluth GA clientsunderstand that each dog is unique and our dog training programs are tailored for each dog’s personality and disposition. Behavior modification does not have to be frustrating and upsetting. Call us today to discuss how we can help you get your dog’s behavior in line, while keeping them happy and healthy.

We proudly provide serve the Dog Training Duluth GA area and all surrounding cities!

If any of these sound familiar, give us a call!

Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? 

 Jump on guests? 

Bark, dig  or chew excessively?

Lunge or act out negatively while on leash?

Potty in your house?

Exhibit overexcited or destructive behavior?

Suffer from separation anxiety?

Mouth or play bite? 

Does your dog listen to you, sometimes?

Equally important, Come when called? Not!


Negative behaviors can be annoying not to mention sometimes scary. Basic obedience training as well as behavioral training can be fun for you and your dog with the right trainer!

Call us today to discuss how Dog Training Duluth Ga can help you create the dog of your dreams while strengthening the bonds of love, trust and respect. Ask how to get your FIRST DOG TRAINING CONSULTATION FREE  404-422-9832