4 Simple Tips to Sharpen Your Dog’s Basic Commands

4 Simple Tips to Sharpen Your Dog’s Basic Commands

It’s easy to have your dog become really good at performing the basic commands of sit, down, stay & come when called. Working these basic commands into their daily routine ensures that when you actually need them to perform one of these skills, your dog will be very good at it. This can be a lifesaver!

Think about it… if I taught you a new skill but you only had to use it once in a while, you would most likely not be very good at it. However, if you used that new skill every day then you would be quite excellent at it and could perform it whenever you needed to. It’s the same for dogs!

By simply finding ways to use each skill every day your dog’s basic commands will become excellent and reliable. Here are a few ideas.

dog's basic commands

  1. At feeding time ask your dog to sit then stay as you put their food bowl down. They should remain in that stay position while you stand all the way up. Make them wait just a few moments and then release them to their food with an “ok!” as you walk away. You can do the same with your dog inDog's basic commands down stay a down/stay position as well.
  2. Any time you offer your dog a treat or toy ask for a sit first. When throwing the ball ask your dog to sit or down before you throw the ball each time.
  3. When giving your dog a treat ask them to sit/stay or down/stay and then walk a few steps away and ask them to come to you to get the treat. Gradually build up the time you make them stay as well as the distance you move away from them.
  4. Put your dog in a sit/stay or down/stay while you go get their leash before Dog's Basic Commands cometaking them for a’s basic commands.

I’m sure you can come up with numerous other ways to sharpen your dog’s basic commands by incorporating the sit, down, stay and come when called into your dog’s daily routine. Make it fun! Use tiny treats or one piece of their food at a time. You will be reinforcing their basic skills while also enriching their minds by making them work for rewards (which they love to do). Before long, your dog’s basic commands will become reliable, consistent and excellent!

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