4 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

Is brushing my pet’s teeth really that important? Yes! Keeping your dog or cat’s teeth clean can pet sitter with cat and dog checks for heartwormssave you money, keep them healthier and stave off bad breath. Let’s face it, even when your pet’s teeth are clean their breath doesn’t smell like roses but when the smell changes to something worse it can be a major problem.

Poor pet dental health can lead to periodontal disease which can lead to all kinds of serious health issues.

Click here to visit the AVMA-American Veterinary Medical Association’s website where you can watch short videos on how to brush your pet’s teeth as well as a video that explains what periodontal disease is and how you can prevent it!

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is really pretty simple. There are products on the market for brushing their teeth with, products you just squirt in their mouth and even products you can put in their drinking water that all help to keep their teeth clean and can delay or eliminate a trip to the vet for a costly and traumatic cleaning procedure (I mean really, what pet likes to go to the vet?).  February is National Pet Dental Health Month so what better time to implement a brushing routine so get brushing people!

Simple tips for keeping your pet’s teeth clean

1. Choose a product- tooth paste, mouth rinse, water additive

2. For tooth brushing use a small amount on a pet toothbrush and gently lift your pets lips. dog dental careGently brush the side teeth and then the front teeth.

3. Be patient and take your time. Start with brushing once a week and work up to two to three times per week. This gives your pet time to adapt. If you have a puppy start right away as they will adapt pretty quickly.

4. Keep plenty of fresh water available as many pets will drink after eating which helps to rinse off a lot of food or treat particles.

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